Friday, May 28, 2004

Think local.

The internet has given us a world wide audience, we are never "alone" when we are online.

The fantastic capability to reach people all over the world at any given time has given us all a great platform to build an online business.
No longer do we HAVE to try so hard to get local customers in order to keep earning.

If you sell "digital" products like ebooks, software, etc, the
chances are you have customers from all over the world.

Isnt that great??

It certainly is, yet all to often the offline world gets forgotten in our online pursuits.
Are YOU making this mistake?

Depending on your business, products,and services, dont you think your local community could benefit from what you have to offer.

Do you advertise offline to get your locals to your websites?

If not ... why not?
You could be leaving alot of money on the table.

Could you utilise advertising in your local paper?

This is just what I will try myself in the next few weeks.
It cost around £5 to advertise in the local paper, that reaches around 55,000 people. :^)

Quite a considerable audience don't you think?
So why ignore it? :^)

If you plan to do this, a tip I will give you is to NOT SELL in your ad, just use it to provoke curiousity, to get them to your site, where the real selling will take place.

If you can get even 5% to go to your site, and your site has a conversion of 5%... dont you think you would get the cost of the ad back... and more. ; )

So what do I plan to do?
Well I wont say here.

But I will say that the program I intend to utilise in this way will be the "Get more green back" program.

This is a great program that I KNOW works, it is working for me and though thats no garauntee it will for you or anyone else I feel some people WILL "get" it.

I will utilise a great idea that I have come up with, I had even shared the idea with the founder of the program, I was interested in his opinion on this, and he felt it was a great idea.

Will it work?

Who knows...till I try.

But I get the feeling that I will get at least ONE person to join.
For a fiver advertisment, that will be worth it.

If it goes as well as I hope, then I feel this will give my chances of success a massive boost.
I will also be contributing to my local area.

If one person joins, and tells their friends, that £5 investment is going a long way. :^)

If you havent yet joined this program, then I recommend you at least check it out.
Once you see what its about you may well have an inkling of just I wish to do. : )

I had a few questions to ask about this program to myself, and found all I needed to know on their Q & A page.
And boy am I glad to have the program to help me towards my success.

If you have any questions regarding the program then click on the link to see the Q & A page yourself.
click here

I will certainly tell you the results from my ad when I have them in.

Dont forget the offline world in your advertising, and think local.

Good luck.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Just what do I mean by that?
Why is that important to you?

Who we associate with has a very direct bearing on our success.

"Its not what you know its who you know" is a common saying.

I dont think it all boils down to that myself.
We can know some great people, yet not benefit from them simply because we dont see what they can offer to us.
Its no good mixing with great people if you cant take advantage of what you learn and utilise what you know.

So it is a combination of what you know and who you know.

But never underestimate the power of positive association.

Surround yourself with winners and its more likely you end up a ... winner.

The same as if you mix with losers, that will influence you too.

It may be the hardest thing to do, but sometimes you have to cut ties with the people who are negative around you.

They will only hinder you in achieveing your success.

Expand your association by mixing with the right people.
Thats another great benefit to forums.

You mix with like minded people and that can only be benefical to you and your chances of success.
You build good relationships with these people.

Let me tell you this...

The relationships you build will drastically effect your journey to your success.
Make sure you build good relationships with good people, and stay friends with them.

Learn that it is very important to your overall success in life.

Who do you assciate with?
Who are the ones you can learn from?

Two important questions we must ask ourselves.

Take care.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


The dog bounded after the ball as I gently threw it along the
sea wall, the ball was thrown at a chase-able speed for her.
(she is almost 13, and for an alsation thats quite an age) :^)

I glanced up as she walked at a pace back towards me, with the ball in her mouth and her tongue drapped out of one side,
bobbing up and down with her pace.

My stomach suddenly knotted for a brief moment, as I caught a glimpse of someone I hadn't seen for quite a while.
I couldnt remember the last time I saw him, and wondered for a moment while I felt that knotting.

Thinking back in my past I recalled that he didnt speak very "clearly", and as a lipreader I had difficulties with that.
Though it was not something that I worried over, not something that stopped me talking to people, I still felt uneasy talking to "mumblers".

Well I cant avoid it, what with the sea wall being 15 foot wide.

"Hey mate, how are ya?" Dave asked, "Great Dave and you?" I replied.

We chatted about our lives in general, work, kids and shared our time for about ten mins.
It was good to see him and chat to him, and I really didnt struggle to understand him at all as he seemed to speak alot clearer than he did when we were younger.. :^)

And yet something suprised me but brought back some memories too, something I had long forgotten and rarely though about.

As I approached Dave, I had been feeling very good and content, how could I not be where I was walking? :^) with that sunset.

When I had stopped talking to Dave, though it had been good to see him, and a nice chat, I felt drained..

And no doubt he felt uplifted. : )
Swine pinched my energy.. ; )

The power of influence, subtle, yet powerful.

Yet when I look back on our youth he always had done that, I just didnt really take note.

I came to the conlusion that though he was a good friend I felt glad to have not spent to much time with him as an adult.

Likewise there are others who make me feel very uplifted, without actually knowing they do that or how they do that it just happens.
We need to be around these people more.

We need to be aware of who we associate with.

By surrounding yourself with positive energetic people, winners, we become influenced.

Association is for another day, yet an important issue in your quest for success.

It is the influence that matters.
Never underestimate the subtle power of influence.

Take care,


Monday, May 24, 2004

Work on yourself.

This is an important point to keep in mind on your learning curve.
Work harder on yourself than your work.
Success is an attitude, a way of being.

Rich people dont act that way because they are rich, they are rich because they act that way.
Successful people dont act that way because they are successful, they are successful because they act that way.

Personal growth is essential to your income growth.

We all want to better ourselves, and better our lives, better our income.

In that order it can happen.. ; )
In reverse order it wont.

Work on yourself.
Ask yourself if everything you do is the best you can do?
If not better it..
Ask yourself if everything you do is moving you in the right direction to where you want to go.

Be happy in all that you do, whatever it is.
Start today on improving all you do and do it with a happy state of mind, and see for yourself how the changes happen.

Improving you will improve your life.
Improving life will improve your marketing.
Improving marketing will improve your journey.
Improving your journey will improve you.

"Swings and rounabouts" springs to mind. :^)

You must work on YOU first. :^)
All changes start from "within".

Take care.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Limitations are self imposed.

If there is one thing I have heard that really rings the bell,
it is this...

"You are only limited by yourself and your actions".

So whats stopping ya.. :^)

Lets be honest here... if you didnt think you WERE capable of
achieveing your dreams, you wouldnt have them.
If you couldnt see yourself in reality as you do in your dreams
then you wont reach them.

You HAVE to see your dreams as real before you will ever get to realise them.
Dreams DO come true.

Dreams are very powerful.

And the only thing that limits your chances of achieveing your dreams is yourself.
Your dreams ARE yours to be made.

Use your dreams to break away your limitations.
Your dreams "pull" you, your dreams are your future plans.
Keep a vivid dream in your mind, and let this "pull" you in
the direction of the reality of that dream.
The clearer the dream, the clearer the reality. :^)

Your dreams are your goals.
Without the goals the game gets boring dont you think. ; )

Boys dont just dream of getting to the cup final.. they dream of scoring the winning goal. : )

Heres a thought....

If you feel you have not the ability to reach your dreams.
Ability grows to match dreams.
(jonny wilko springs to mind) good lad . ; )

Most of us have this very annoying and sometimes dangerous
self imposed limitation thats called........


The first and maybe to some of us the hardest limitation we recognise.
Putting off action HAS to be overcome.

No action, no results.

No action , no dream making.

Banish that limitation. :^)

List what you HAVE to do.
Get started.

Follow that dream.. make it happen.
Starting ..TODAY.
Beat procrastination and take action.

It IS up to YOU.

Copyright Rob Sellen 2004-2006. All rights reserved.