Wednesday, July 14, 2004

"A mistake, and a blessing"

All you regular readers will have noticed, hopefully to your annoyance (as that means this is a good blog) ; ) that I have slipped in posting here each day.

So I have to say it was a mistake saying I would post everday, as at times, I have not known what to write, after all I dont want to write something irrelevant for this blog.
But I do strive to post everyday, and if I have something of use to write everyday, I will write it.

But realising this has also been a blessing, why?

Well I HAVE been busy with a great idea that I have come up with, and I have mentioned about it somewhere in the blog, and it looks very promising.

So as I was busy writing up some reports and other details for this idea, its meant that I have less time to write here, and its hard to break the train of thought that goes into writing something, more so when its going to make you some income. ; )
Indeed I didnt want to break that train of thought.

It also taught me there is nearly ALWAYS more work required than we think at the start.

But the blessing of it is that its made me realise its hard when you have more than one project, idea you are working on, and you are doing them all at once.

So I know I have to do massive action on one at a time, or maybe two, so you have an alternative, when the frustration of one task kicks in, you can switch for a break, but make the majority of the work on the main idea/ project at hand.

Once thats done THEN you can start another idea etc, but make the alternative idea from the first time, the main task now.

That way far more gets done far quicker. :^)
The sooner the profits roll.

But hey, we ALL got to many ideas, right?

Its the putting them into ACTION that gets the results we know they can produce.
So start by doing your easiest idea, and the one that you will get up quickest.

Once you have ONE idea up and earing for you, then the rest will surely follow, with your boost of confidence you will "get stuck in".
Then you get another idea project rolling etc, and thats two income streams you have.
If you cant picture that in your mind from your idea, drop it, and do another that you can see working.

I have several ideas that I KNOW will work, its getting them going that I need to do, so that IS what I am doing. :^)

So bear with me if I dont post everyday, though I will try to do just that, I am getting excited about getting the ideas into action, and that has become the prioity at the moment.

But each lesson I learn and each thing I wish to share will be posted on here, so it will also be lessons for you too.
This weblog is great to do, and it is also a great lesson itself for me.

If you have read this from the start, you will remember me saying the most important thing is to START.
And here we are more than 30 useful post made, and that proves that once started the momentum will grow and build at a great rate.

Much like pushing a car, hard work at first but it gains speed, and before you know it its rolling, and its just a case of keeping it rolling.
Thats the attitude you need to take with your online efforts.

Get started, its gets easier, and you learn faster, also you gain confidence to do more.

Now I have that confidence to do MORE, and so I will. :^)
The ride is building for me, and I like it. :^)

So what are you waiting for if you havent started, and if you have, gee welcome aboard. ; )
Great ride huh?

Take care.

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