Monday, February 28, 2005


I don't know if many of you watched Donald Trump's program "The Apprentice", as far as I am aware there is a second one showing in the US.

I watched the first one here in the UK and it was a very interesting program, with some good tips and ideas that provided some good insights.

Well here in the UK there is a british version being shown at the moment, its the same format, well......its identical really, but using different "products" for the task but basically the same, instead of "lemonade" as in Trumps one, they sold "flowers" in this UK one for example.

Sir Allan Sugar is the central figure in this one, I suppose he knew a good opportunity to "cash in" when he saw one. :-)

But anyway, the main reason I am watching this one too is not just to learn as I did from the first one, but also to see the difference between the candidates in Trumps and those in Sugars.

Brits.. Americans.

It will be an ineresting thing to watch and an interesting thing to see what the differences are, and how they are different, how they approach similar problems in similar situations.
How different the solution's they come up with.

I have no doubt that there will be differences its just a case of seeing what they are and how they can make a difference to how YOU market online.

One to watch if you are in the UK.
Im sure watching it will also spark some new and good ideas for us all. :-)

Thats the beauty of marketing, things are never still, its a changing and adapting world one that will follow trends, and create trends.
One simple marketer's idea or twist could provide you with YOUR twist to your idea, one that could make you rich... who knows?

We are all "apprentices" in this market. ;-)

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