Tuesday, June 29, 2004

"Euro 2004"

Euro 2004... well there has been some great football played
and some great marketing lessons learnt too. : )
As always.. ; )

I knew Greece were going to grab this by the horns, as they really had nothing to lose at the start, so went out to enjoy it, and make people sit up and take notice.
Much like Latvia.
Euro 2004 is where they arrived, stamped themselves on the map.

I tipped the Czechs and England in the final at the start to my sons, they reckoned on England and France.. : )

I maybe right in tipping the Czechs, we will see. :^)

But some great games played.

I have also enjoyed watching the marketing side of it all.
Sport marketing is great to learn from,
It seems everyone is taking advantage of it. :^)

Yet one I saw was a clear winner, and they had it FREE.

As for the biggest lessons, for me it was....

"Expect the unexpected."

Who was the unexpected at the Euro 2004 ?

Apart from us in the uk, ; ) it was to most of europe,
Wayne Rooney, what a fantastic player full stop, let alone for
an 18 year old.
But even we didnt expect that impact.

Ah so glad he is English ; )

I hope as most of us would that he fulfils his ambitions.

We all knew about him here, and we all know he has a great future, and the chance to be a legend one day, and now Europe
do too.

His value has doubled now and he is the name on everyone's lips.
His marketing value has shot up too.

Not quite the Beckham marketability yet...
Becks has the looks that pull the advertisers, as well as having being married to Posh, with her own fame to add.

But it would cost a fortune to link your product to them, to cash in on Becks looks.. what price for that?

With all respect Wayne I suppose is not in the same boat as Becks in that sense, not to say he is ugly or anything, just not the same marketability as Becks.


One thing struck me, and that was that someone has seriously cashed in from the unexpected.. they didnt expect it.

By bizzare twist of fate, or some clever timing, and by a "cruelish" but enevitable jokey reference from a journalist
(since its uncanny) the makers of "shrek" must be laughing all the way to the advertising bank.

They did the unexpected, by accident, and cashed in on Rooneys looks.

So as the latest film comes out this week, and Rooneymania is around, and everyone talks of it, that nickname has bound to of spread, and possibly stuck.

Not nice to say it as its cruel but people WILL say it.
Being deaf I KNOW names can stick, yet not alot we can do about it.

But those who had the task of advertising the film, must have been well pleased with all that FREE exposure in the papers.

"Expect the unexpected"

That above sentance has also another lesson for me, and YOU.


Well I didnt expect my Phone bill to not be delivered and missed, and then to unexpectedly "cut off".
(Thanks royal mail)

Thats why I have not posted for a few days. : /
Sorry you missed a few days of nuggets. :^)

I learnt to get more organised utilising more web based things, so if it I have to I can go into the library to use their computers to keep posting, etc.

Are YOU prepared for the unexpected.?

P.s No offence to Wayne, or shrek.. ; )

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