Wednesday, April 06, 2005

" Traffic secrets"

The traffic secrets by John Reese is on the go again.

Traffic secrets is not a cheap product to buy in monetary terms, but I would bet my last pound, (which aint that far off ) :-) it is worth 100 times the price when put into practice.
I'll regret not having the means to buy Traffic secrets, but I do have alot of John's free newsletters, and they are awesome, so I do have lessons from him to put into practice, and I will.

Traffic sercrets is worth NOTHING to those that wouldn't use it, so yes it would be a waste of a grand!
Buy hey, if you used a portion of it, I have no doubt you would get that grand back soon enough.

I liked the salesletter put up for it, showing "non marketers" succeeding with the course in testomonials, now thats smart.
What didn't I like about the promotion?
The sheer number of emails that were the same, many marketers didn't bother to write their own emails, and that is a shme, as if I COULD have bought it, I wouldn't have got it through any of them.

They were all trying to out do each other in the bonus dept... I mean I know it's a big affiliate check, but it aint no good if it turns ya punters off!

If I were to buy Traffic secrets I would get it through a friend so they would "get something back" for being the friend they are, knowing the immense help give have given me.

Traffic secrets IS worth getting IF you are to use it.

No I am not an affiliate...thats just my take on it. ;-)


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"You obviously liked the listbuilder"

I am amazed at the conversion rate of this viral list, it took just over 30 views to get the first 5 sign ups!

Thats a great conversion, and I hope those of you that DID get it, will like it as much as I do, and that it helps your frofit margin to grow.
The idea itself is a great example of good viral marketing.

If you haven't got it yet, best to be quick. :-)

Take care,


Monday, April 04, 2005

"A great idea?"

Take a look at this post on my other blog... this one here and think about how YOU could use that, I am sure that some ideas will spark up in your mind.

It IS the simple things that succeed, and these are simple, but very effective.
I think it will provide me with a massive boost to my list. ;-)

Take care and enjoy.


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