Friday, July 09, 2004

"Less is more"

The beautiful model poses naked save for aptly placed leaves...
Yet she is like any other woman.

The lovely car parked up, has no door handles and no badges too its different to any you have seen...
Yet its a mass produced car like alot of others.

Your new neighbours house has no walls, all open plan, with hardly any furniture creating great space...
Yet its the same size as yours.

Less is more..
It can provoke curiousity.

Dont hype up your marketing, provoke curiousity.
Dont give to much away, provoke the buyers imagination.

Let them imagine what you/your product can do for them.
Their own ideas fire them up more.

"Less is more"

Perfection causes procrastination..
A little less perfect, a little more action.

Not knowing what to write, I wrote less.
That enabled me to do more. :^)

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Are you aware of the power of your awareness? :^)

An amazing thing is our awareness, and it never ceases to amaze and teach me something.
Awareness can influence alot of our perceptions, it can have a big effect on us.
It can give us advantages.
It can help us avoid problems.

It can help us make money.

Lets give example's of awareness and its power to influence perception.
One for the fellas and one for the ladies. :^)
Ladies first.. ; )

Many of you are probably mums yourselves, and will remember how when you were pregnant, or indeed after having the child, each time you went to the town centre it seemed there were also ALOT of other ladies that were pregnant, or pushing prams.

More so than usual.. or does it just seem that way?
Due to being AWARE of it.
That awareness changed your perception of it.

As for the guys, ever wanted a type of car, and thought I like them, and there arent that many about, yet when you got the car, it seemed there were alot more on the road around you.

Where did they all come from?
Or did it just seem that way?
Because of awareness.

Now you say I want my own business, my own income from online, etc, I will have a site doing this, or that, yet now you are aware of it, there are SO many already out there.

Are you really aware of the REAL work involved in making success.

But that awareness CAN make you money.. how?

Are you really aware of what you CAN do and your ABILITIES in life?
Are you really aware that utilising this is the way for you to make money.

What CAN you do?
What are your skills, and talents?
What are you aware of that can be YOUR unique selling point, (usp)?
Are you really aware of what makes you DIFFERENT?

Thats what you NEED to be aware of to help your chances of success.

Awareness is an important tool in your marketing and your moneymaking exploits.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

"A week of woe or a week of widsom?"

What a week... but what lessons!!
Well.....Woe or widsom?

Both but its the perception that decides.
Its a week since a post... shame on me, :/

So my week, well first wrongly cut of by BT, but just before that my computer is infected and going haywire.
So I cant get online to sort that out, and I cant use the computer while waitng to be reconnected, due to it going mad.

But that got me back to the most important tools we use... pen and paper. :^)
So important also due to the lack of distractions we have when on the computer.
Also so easy to keep it all in order and to look at anytime, unlike a dam faulty computer. ; )
Also writing on paper improves writing.

And I used the time to look at my situation and my plans, and giving me the chance to put everything into perpsective and prioritize things correctly.
And change where needed, update things.
And more chance to oversee ideas and see where they fit into things.
Planning and mapping it out.

But I did miss being online. : )
I missed people, relationships are a key part of our success.

It also gave me the time to see more of my offline world and where I can make changes and improvements, I saw more of what I was missing.
More of where I was going wrong and where I was going right.
Things had to change.
I had to change.

On the whole it showed me where I was going, and if I wanted it that way, that lead me think of WHY.
I now know why I want to go in the direction I want to go in, it helps me move more freely in the right direction.

I read the great book "Who moved my cheese" kindly sent to me by my good mate Andy Henry,
(of money and motivation as in the teacher post below.)
and it turned out to be a very timely read indeed, along with another he sent me written by the same author, Spencer Johnston, called "The present".
Recommended reading. : )

As some unfortunate offline issues occured, they gave me the frame of mind to deal with these, and think more clearly than I otherwise would have done.
They prepared me more for it.
They also changed my way of thinking.
Success is a state of mind.

I have a few ideas that I HAVE to start doing now as I need massive results, and we only get them by massive actions.
Work? Oh yes, work, action.

I came back online, and feeling a little more focused yet a little bashed due to the problems of the week, I check out the traffic to this weblog, low, so that tells me I have to keep posting , and I will, but also tells me I HAVE to keep promoting, and write more articles, for more traffic.

I re-read all post on this weblog, in the archives, and that gave me a massive boost, as I really realised how much action I had already taken, I am happy with my efforts in that sense, some good lessons here, even in the way the post are written, as well as whats written.

But more results are needed, so more action is needed. :^)
I need massive results and thats gonna take massive action.

But more importantly is to keep in mind WHY I am doing this.
That way I will keep doing what I am doing to get to where I want to go.
And be prepared to change what is needed or deal with changes when they happen.
Progress is the key.
I am progressing.

So the week of woe, has turned into a week of widsom.
That cut off may be a blessing in disguise.

Depends how you look at it. :^)

For me the glass is half full.

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