Friday, July 09, 2004

"Less is more"

The beautiful model poses naked save for aptly placed leaves...
Yet she is like any other woman.

The lovely car parked up, has no door handles and no badges too its different to any you have seen...
Yet its a mass produced car like alot of others.

Your new neighbours house has no walls, all open plan, with hardly any furniture creating great space...
Yet its the same size as yours.

Less is more..
It can provoke curiousity.

Dont hype up your marketing, provoke curiousity.
Dont give to much away, provoke the buyers imagination.

Let them imagine what you/your product can do for them.
Their own ideas fire them up more.

"Less is more"

Perfection causes procrastination..
A little less perfect, a little more action.

Not knowing what to write, I wrote less.
That enabled me to do more. :^)


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