Sunday, June 06, 2004

Learning from mistakes.

No matter what you do in work, love, marketing, indeed any areas of life, mistakes WILL happen.
No-one is so specail that they can AVIOD this.
We may aviod a few from learning from others, but we will STILL make mistakes along the way.

The important thing regarding this is what they teach you, and what you can learn from them.

If all our little mistakes never happened, we wouldnt have learnt what we have learnt, and so wouldnt have progressed on our path of life.

The fact of the matter is simply mistakes HAVE to be made in our lives for us to learn, how often do our parents say that we will
"learn the hard way then", when we have chosen to ignore their kind and well intended widsom?

A few times to often I would think.

Learning from the mistakes is very important, so as not to repeat the same mistake.
If we dont learn we dont progress.

Progress is of paramount importance to our ultimate success.
They go hand in hand. :^)

Dont curse a mistake, embrace it as a very important learning process.
Take on board WHY the mistake was made, and HOW you can learn from it.

We all make mistakes.
We all lose our way at times.
We are ALL human.

We will never stop learning, and will never stop making mistakes.

Sometimes learning the hard way can be the best way. :^)

What have you learnt from your mistakes.


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