Thursday, May 20, 2004

Direct mail.

Here in the uk there is a program on the tv called
"Brassed off Britain", the program covers issues that "brass" people off.

Basically things that bother us, annoy us.

Among the things covered are "banks", "home improvements",
"mobiles", "new cars", "new homes", and others.

Services and consumables, etc.

Interesting to see just how things bother us and what things bother us as a nation.

I am not at ALL suprised by some of the things on the list of things that "brass" us off. ; )

What did suprise me was that Junk mail or direct mail to some was at the top of the pile.
And interestingly was also the fact that it was the mainly over 55 year old group of people that disliked junk mail so much.

I have to say looking at the junk I get through the door, alot of it is indeed aimed at the older generation.

Is direct mail really worth doing if your target is the older generation?
That depends on what you have to offer them.
But what a tough market to win over using direct mail.

One more good reason to utilise a website to reach your market.
Instead of trying to "sell" with your direct mailings, just try to divert people to your website.
And now more than ever the older generation are getting online.

I would be interested in the difference between the uk and the usa regarding things like this.
How different the conversion rates would be for each country,
using direct mail.
How different the "customers" react to the mail.

The program tells me we dont like to be "sold" to. :^)

Tell not sell.

Thats what you need to do with direct mail.


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