Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Where do you learn.....

Or where do you go for any answers?

A great place to learn and ask questions, seek feedback is on forums.

Forums are a great place to ask for advice and help, the people that use
the forums are very genuine and honest in my mind, and its rare that you
wont find answers that you seek.

If the answers are not readily available, often people will go out of their way
to help you find the answers you seek.

A great community to be a part of on your learning curve.
A great place to meet like minded people.

Often as we talk to freinds and family obout our online pursuits we get a puzzled
look from them, as if from another world. : )
Or as if talking in a foreign language!

And no doubt many of those who frequent the forums experience the same..
So its great to mix with those who DO understand.

I must stress that as with many things there are rules, which must be respected.
Never spam the boards, or insult anyone who post to the boards.
Never post fly by articles.

They are all their to help us and guide us, but they do so of their own accord.
Stick to the simple but respectable rules, and we all learn and gain friends.
If we all show respect to the forums and the people who post, we all win.

Dont be afraid of asking for help and advice, as they are more than happy to help
and advise.
And often there are many people who would like the same answers as you ask for
so post away, and you help others too.

We cannot all know everything, but we can all learn.

There are some great knowledgable people to learn from, and more than likely
we can all learn from YOU.

My favourite forum is this one......

Click Here

Come and learn with us. : )

There is a great wealth of knowledge here, and it has played a big role in helping
me with my learning curve.

It is not the only forum of worth, but i like it best, and i find that help comes
with honesty and the people are very sincere in their quest to help.

As it says on the tin.. its the fastest growing marketing forum.

See you there. : )

Take care.


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