Monday, April 19, 2004

We all start somewhere...the important thing is just...


To start...

I read that alot, and it seems to be the one thing that alot of us have
a problem with.

But the best thing is to just...start.
Once you start it should only inspire the confidence to carry on DOING.

Doing is that what produces results, no matter what the results.
Whatever the result you can improve on that.
John Reese stresses it clearly to test everything.
That way you know what to improve or drop, so as to improve on the
results no matter what they are.

The fact you have STARTED is the biggest improvement you make, if
you dont start you produce...zilch.

So where do you start?

Good question.
One i asked myself many a time, and too many times. : /

I read often that many people start with the end in mind.
So where do you want to go?
What do you want to achieve from your efforts?

Thats the end goal, now look at what it will take to get there.
And plan the path back to where you are.

It may seem hard to comprehend for some of us, but we should
never lose sight of our end goal anyway.. after all thats where you

I like to look at it from the perspective that its like a mountain to
climb, which you take one step at a time.
Look to high up and you lose sight of where you are.
You keep the top in sight, but contain your efforts to the steps
in front of you.

That way you build momentum and the confidence to persevere and
climb that mountain.
Before you know it, you have climbed more than you realise.

A comprimise between the two i feel works best for me.
So have i planned my route?
Yes i have, and i planned before i started.
But getting started seemed to be the hardest thing.

"Time, we do not get back"

That quote is what got me started.

How much time do we really need to get started?

Why waste time trying to start?
Just start.
Then use your time wisely improving and bettering your efforts.

Start on what you feel is easiest.
Just to get started.

Start now.


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