Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A daily dose.

I have decided that I am going to try to post everyday now.

If we stop and listen to our heads, aint there an awful lot going on up there.. ; )
Therefore I feel its best to get things written down that I can share, that way I de-clutter my head.

I dont know where all my readers are, but here in the south uk, we have had some fantastic weather, and most of us Brits like to make the most of it. :^)

I had a great long weekend with my sons, and we had some great laughs, playing football, etc.
It all makes me realise the very best things in life cost us nothing, yet.....are worth everything.
The smiles on our childrens faces, and the joy they bring is absolutely priceless.
Any of you that are parents will know exactly how I feel.

What price can we put on that?

I have my sons every weekend, so the perceived value of my weekend is very high, the two best days of the week without a doubt.

At the ice cream van, someone remarked "Kids know the price of everything, but not the value of anything."

Is that true?
Not to me its not.

My sons value my time with them as highly as I do, and no price can be put on that, they know it as well as I do.

They also know that the value of a cool ice cream on a hot day
is worth far more than a pound coin.

An item for sale has a price, one for all..
Yet value is to each of us very different.

Value is always percieved, never bought.

What price value?


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