Monday, May 31, 2004

Derren Brown.

Having been busy this weekend, I gave myself the chance to relax and take a break, so grabbed an hour of tv.

Did you watch Derren Brown?.... wow

The power of the mind that he shows, and the power to get others
to think the way he wants them to think, its just amazing.

I have enjoyed his programs, he is great at what he does.
Controversial yet subtle with it.

And controversy is a great marketing tool.
It stirs it up.
It sells. : )

How can you be controvesial in YOUR marketing?

Being controversial without being over the top.
Subtle yet effective.

Think of ways you could utilise controversy to gain a little
good publicity for yourself. ; )

A good example of controversy in marketing to me was Brittney Spears in THAT schoolgirls outfit.

How controversial can YOU be in your marketing?

Stir it up. :^)


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