Sunday, May 23, 2004

Limitations are self imposed.

If there is one thing I have heard that really rings the bell,
it is this...

"You are only limited by yourself and your actions".

So whats stopping ya.. :^)

Lets be honest here... if you didnt think you WERE capable of
achieveing your dreams, you wouldnt have them.
If you couldnt see yourself in reality as you do in your dreams
then you wont reach them.

You HAVE to see your dreams as real before you will ever get to realise them.
Dreams DO come true.

Dreams are very powerful.

And the only thing that limits your chances of achieveing your dreams is yourself.
Your dreams ARE yours to be made.

Use your dreams to break away your limitations.
Your dreams "pull" you, your dreams are your future plans.
Keep a vivid dream in your mind, and let this "pull" you in
the direction of the reality of that dream.
The clearer the dream, the clearer the reality. :^)

Your dreams are your goals.
Without the goals the game gets boring dont you think. ; )

Boys dont just dream of getting to the cup final.. they dream of scoring the winning goal. : )

Heres a thought....

If you feel you have not the ability to reach your dreams.
Ability grows to match dreams.
(jonny wilko springs to mind) good lad . ; )

Most of us have this very annoying and sometimes dangerous
self imposed limitation thats called........


The first and maybe to some of us the hardest limitation we recognise.
Putting off action HAS to be overcome.

No action, no results.

No action , no dream making.

Banish that limitation. :^)

List what you HAVE to do.
Get started.

Follow that dream.. make it happen.
Starting ..TODAY.
Beat procrastination and take action.

It IS up to YOU.


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