Saturday, May 22, 2004

You are what you read.

I dont know about you but I love reading and it has a been a
massive part of my life.

Reading is self education.
Self eduacation is the best education. ; )
You can never read to many books, but you can certainly read
to few.
And a book you DONT read is a book that CANT help you.

While a child we learn to read, then we read to learn.
Sadly alot of people leave school and think they never have
to read a book again.

"I aint got time to read" is something I hear all to often.
Reading is not some time wasting effort, reading is a necessity
to grow.
When you eat you feed your body, when you read you feed
your mind.

Read as much as you can for your growth.

Try to read a book a week, at least a thin one to start with.
In one year you have read at least 50 books.. how can you NOT
gain from that? :^)

The leaders are readers.

Take care.


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