Tuesday, May 25, 2004


The dog bounded after the ball as I gently threw it along the
sea wall, the ball was thrown at a chase-able speed for her.
(she is almost 13, and for an alsation thats quite an age) :^)

I glanced up as she walked at a pace back towards me, with the ball in her mouth and her tongue drapped out of one side,
bobbing up and down with her pace.

My stomach suddenly knotted for a brief moment, as I caught a glimpse of someone I hadn't seen for quite a while.
I couldnt remember the last time I saw him, and wondered for a moment while I felt that knotting.

Thinking back in my past I recalled that he didnt speak very "clearly", and as a lipreader I had difficulties with that.
Though it was not something that I worried over, not something that stopped me talking to people, I still felt uneasy talking to "mumblers".

Well I cant avoid it, what with the sea wall being 15 foot wide.

"Hey mate, how are ya?" Dave asked, "Great Dave and you?" I replied.

We chatted about our lives in general, work, kids and shared our time for about ten mins.
It was good to see him and chat to him, and I really didnt struggle to understand him at all as he seemed to speak alot clearer than he did when we were younger.. :^)

And yet something suprised me but brought back some memories too, something I had long forgotten and rarely though about.

As I approached Dave, I had been feeling very good and content, how could I not be where I was walking? :^) with that sunset.

When I had stopped talking to Dave, though it had been good to see him, and a nice chat, I felt drained..

And no doubt he felt uplifted. : )
Swine pinched my energy.. ; )

The power of influence, subtle, yet powerful.

Yet when I look back on our youth he always had done that, I just didnt really take note.

I came to the conlusion that though he was a good friend I felt glad to have not spent to much time with him as an adult.

Likewise there are others who make me feel very uplifted, without actually knowing they do that or how they do that it just happens.
We need to be around these people more.

We need to be aware of who we associate with.

By surrounding yourself with positive energetic people, winners, we become influenced.

Association is for another day, yet an important issue in your quest for success.

It is the influence that matters.
Never underestimate the subtle power of influence.

Take care,



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