Tuesday, June 08, 2004


If you have regulary read this weblog (thanks) ; ) you will have I hope learnt things, and even enjoyed reading it, :^)
You will have also noticed I have done ONE thing, that has made the difference, and it boils down to one word.

Most of you regaular readers will already have this word on the tip of your tongue..

That word is ACTION.

The one word that will sum up your success, or chances of success.
Some people get sick of hearing it, yet still take no action, and wonder why it "aint working".

That could be because of a number of things, yet if you want to succeed you will HAVE to take action.
The overnight riches WONT happen.
Yes people have made alot of money overnight, but thats AFTER taking action, and sowing the seeds of success with "work", and more than likely alot of work and time striving to succeed.

Work!? Ah yes that.
Action is work, work is action.
Little action little results.
Big action big results. :^)

If I hadnt taken action this weblog would be "blank". ; )
This is the 20th post... wow.
If I hadnt taken action, I wouldnt have built up the relationships that I have.
If I hadnt taken action I wouldnt be heading towards MY goals.

If you are not taking action.. why not?

It maybe that you lack the crucial element "behind" taking action.
That element is motivation.
What will motivate you to work towards your goals?
What will motivate you to take action?

Finding the motivation is an important part of your journey towards your success.
Motivation is the engine that drives the you towards your goals.

It comes back to working on YOURSELF more than your work.
I find that to keep yourself motivated is harder than it seems, as there are many things and circumstances that can knock your motivation.
Yet to "give up" would be far worse.

To NEVER take action would be worse again.

What really motivates you?
Thats an important question to ask yourself.

Fire up your engine. ; )

Get motivated, take action, get results. :^)


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