Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Google... The centre of the web

Google have given me alot of food for thought since
coming back online, I have seen some great things
from google and it seems they will continue to do
great things that will benefit lots of people.

Google has a range of tools etc that anyone can
utilise and better their online experience be it
whether you use the net for fun, research or earn a

Most experienced online marketers already know
the power of google and use it well to explode their
online results and websites ranking.

It is not only those that are experienced who will

As a long time blogger user I can see at first
hand how much benefit google creates for blogger
users no matter how inexperienced or experienced
you are, it has simply got easier and better and
will continue to do so.

I noticed recently that google is having an issue with
the word "google" becoming a verb, as in people using
it as a term of search, "I googled this" for example.

The issue for them is a copyright issue, and it is
understandable... they have to protect that.

Google IS becoming the centre of the web as I see
it and it could be a good or bad thing depending
on your view and what you use the web for.

Google accounts will be the centre of it all.

I was offered a Gmail (googles email) account from
the time of release as I was already a blogger user for
a while by then and I use it all the time, with unlimited
space I never need to worry about my emails again.

I recommend Gmail to everyone, even if only to utilise
the storage you get... unlimited.

I can see a time when everyone has a Gmail account
just as it happened with hotmail... but better.

So many sites don't advise you to even use hotmail
simply because of all the spam and filtering that
happens, it means you may not get the info which
you seek, I have yet to have this issue with Gmail.

With hotmail you just got an email account, with
Gmail you also get to use all the other google tools
etc using your google id and password..(that which you
use for your gmail account.)

Blogger.beta is one example of how this is already taking

A sort of "google central" is how I see Gmail eveloving.

This will be a good thing in my eyes as it will mean that
google can see how users use the web and tailor your
experince online to your preferences and habits which
will mean you get better search results, you see better
websites from searches you make... why?

When you search from google, I have no doubt they
can see how long you are on the site you chose from
the search results, when you click back to the search
to look at another site.. this is going to have an effect
on the ranking of the sites in the search.

If a site shown in the search keeps getting visited but
closed (ie back to search) very quickly google will notice
this and that site will drop in the ranking on that search

But we also leave alot of info for google to utilise, often
without even knowing it.

All of us leave footprints on the web, be them on your
sites or blogs, this is something that is recognisable as
being something of yours, i.e if you have a few sites
you may have a copyright on each site using same
wording.. this is a footprint that google would notice.

Even your searches leave a footprint.

Google in my eyes will overtake AOL as the newbies
favourite ONCE they realise how bad AOL really is.

I would NEVER use AOL again.. they even mucked
up recently by giving out info on 500,000 users that
should have never happened.. made it PUBLIC.

Google will make everything simple and streamlined
for those who use google accounts and as I already said
I think everyone will end up with a google account...
NOT that you have to use Gmail, but you will have that
choice once you have a google account.

See it is going to be central thing, so you can use ALL
of googles tools etc with ONE id.

Nearly all of us will use at least ONE of googles tools.
Even the newbies will use at least ONE.

As there is so much potential with google it will be a
steady learning curve for everyone, even those of us
that are experienced will continue to learn and never
master ALL of googles tools, or even use all of them.

You can see why I see google becoming the centre of
the web.. it IS users that decide who rises and falls.

Look at firefox... :o)

Google know this.. that is why it is growing and getting
better for everyone.. they are spreading out wide.

So whats YOUR take on google?


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