Sunday, August 13, 2006

Harvey Segal knows NOTHING.........

I gotta get something of my chest.. it is bothering me alot,
I mean, really just WHAT does he know?

I see alot of posting to the forums about how people think
it must be to much hard work.. they are expecting TO much..


They get TOO much... eh? Am I going nuts..?

No I am NOT, why?

The people buy things, or get things free, yet complain that
they don't get rich even though they don't DO anything with
what they get.

Listen up... Harvey knows NOTHING...


about carving a bit of stone into a statue, I DO, so if you want
something carved ask ME, BUT.....

If you want a great (I mean GREAT) viral product that will help
you without doing THAT much work, and you want it to GROW,
then Harvey IS the person to go to.....

GET this AMAZING book, and get cracking!!

Grab YOURS HERE, hey I am not even asking for an email....
NOR does Harvey.. am I mad, surely I should USE it to grow
MY list?... NO I just want you to GET the book, USE it..

And watch its power work for you... how?

Read it, follow it... and bear in mind that the power you get in this
he is USING in the book, yes read between the lines, it IS that good.
He not only tells you how to do what, he SHOWS you by DOING it
in the book... Then the best is left till last.. no I can't tell you, go
take a look for yourself.. be warned.....

This IS the BEST viral book I have ever seen, and it has given me
a wealth of ideas I can take to the bank!

Thanks Harvey... ;o)


Blogger Paul said...


Great post!

Do you really, truthfully, honestly, think it's THE best Viral ebook on the face of the earth?

I've had for a few weeks now and trying to give it away is like pulling teeth ....!

Want to try to clue me in on what I'm doing wrong?

2:27 am  

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