Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Blogging tips"

I have recently had an email asking me how long I have blogged, how to make a blog work, what to blog about, how often to post and felt it best to answer on here so others can read my own thoughts on the matter as well as send the email to person in question.

Interesting questions no doubt many people will ask at some point, I am not an expert but having said that I have blogged for quite some time and I love it for many reasons.
I started blogging a couple of years ago before it really took off.

Why blog?

It is a very simple way to get started online without having to know the technical details of webuilding which can be a steep learning curve.
You can start blogging and see the results immediately which can only spur you on learn more.

What to blog about?

You can blog about anything at all, be it about your hobbies, or other interesting things you want to write about.
In fact blogging about something like a hobby will mean you will always have something to say without losing interest, there will always be others who also like your hobby and will enjoy your blog, maybe even spread the word about it too. :o)

How to make it work?

Write as if you are talking about your topic to a friend and you will find the words flow quite freely and clearly, show your own enthusiasim in your writing and others will pick up on that.
Be different, after all you ARE unique.

How often to post?

It has been shown that if you post at least once a day you will have people check your blog more often so as not to miss things you write, after all if you only post once a month, and people know this then they will only check once every so often, post regular to keep the visitors regular.
Even better would be to post a couple of times a day, short and sweet will work well.

The most important thing is to enjoy it... ;o)

Take care.


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