Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Portland bill"

"There is no where quite like it"

I hope to share some nuggets we have here on Portland.
Most of you will have at least heard of Portland, or Portland bill.
Famous more for the stone than anything else.

But hey, I realised that most people, even when they come here miss most of the REAL gems here. So hows that to help my marketing?
What am I doing?

Most of my domains centre around Portland, so I feel having a "Portland blog" will help with the overall plans and sites I will have.
Creating a small web of sites around one centre peice will I hope increase the popularity of it to those that are here.

The forum for instance I hope that the locals (once word gets about) will make this the online version of the offline world we know.
Somewhere locals can interact.
If the other sites funnel the visitors towards my forum, I'll be happy. :)

What do you think of the site?


Opinions would be welcome.


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