Sunday, March 27, 2005

"Some questions asked on a great blog"

And My answers. ;-)

1. What is Your Name?

Rob. ;-)

2. Where are you from?


3. What is/are your blog/s name/s - what are they about?

This one is my marketing learning curve.. my biggest blog.

This is my "accountability" blog... making sure I get things done. ;-)

Sunday servings... :-)

This is my new viral blog, which I hope my locals will post to. :-) And OTHERS.. ;-)

Backing the bid.... 2012..

4. How many Blogs do you own/write for?

I own 4 blogs, and write for them all. :-)

5. How long have your been blogging?

Um.. Toooo long to not be earning well from them...started.. Jan 2004 !!

6. Why do you like blogs? What are the advantages of them in your mind?

They are a great release, and I think that it has woken alot of writers who otherwise would'nt have thought they COULD write.. :-)
And I feel that blogs are the "easiest" way to get started online.

7. How many readers does your blog have per day on average?

Not enough by far.. This one averaged around 40 to 130 a day at its peak..but its dropped? :-(
Where ya gone??

8. What are the main ways you’re trying to earn an income from your blog/s (feel free to give details of how successful they are)?

Adsense, some affiliate links and recomendations.

9. What is your favorite blog (that isn’t your own)?

Your one is great.. and the other favourite is on my blog. ;-) > Allen Says blog. :-)

10. What advice would you give a blogger just starting out who is trying to earn an income from blogging?

Forget the money at first, just write, and enjoy it.. but write alot. :-)
The blogs will be built one word at a time however you write the more ya write, the better. :-)
Write for YOURSELF at first, your natural flow will develop, write as is...cos you write best before editing. :-)

Good luck in all blogs you do / try. :-)

Darren.. nice blog. ;-) Any tips for me. . . ;-)

To see Darrens great blog.... Click.. Pro blogger
A Bookmarked blog for me.. ;-)

Take care,



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