Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"King on writing"

What a great "little" book by Stephen King, and a refreshing chance to read his writing thats NOT in the "horror genre".
It makes sense to read this sort of book as it IS people like him that get read and he KNOWS writing.
I know some don't like his work, but you have to give credit where due, and he DOES his job better than most.

The fact is if you can't learn from someone like this, you "aint reading it right" ;-)

Every writer should read books like this, all writers are readers, thats true of any "style" of writer, no matter what they write.
If you write in a'll read them too.. likewise for any writer.

If you get a chance to read it then do.. it is recommended.

I was shocked at the fact that John Creasy, the British novelist wrote a staggering 500 books. :-0 Under ten different names.
That is truly a remarkable amount of books, as King himself admits to writing about 35 books, and I always tought he was a prolific writer too.

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