Monday, February 21, 2005


Is a key part of getting things done, we are all accountable to someone.

For most of us thats the boss.. :-(
But it does ensure you "get the work done".. as Marlon says. "If it aint done it aint done".

So as a positive and I hope a productive boosting measure, I have started a blog, that I will post my "goals" and "things to do" onto, and make myself accountable to....anyone who reads it!!

Far better to make sure things get done, than to have people see Im NOT doing whats needed. :-)

So a BIG step in the right direction I think. :-)

Take a look and I hope you will come see what I do plan, and achieve, and maybe comment on it. :-)

My new blog. :-)

Can I be accountable to YOU?


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