Monday, November 15, 2004

Long time no post.. !!

Having had a few things to sort out, and being busy working on my projects,
I have to say I have neglected this blog, and I think its about time I picked
up again, so here I am. :)

Considering the speed of the internet, I am suprised how much you can slip out
of the loop online, and fall a little behind.. ;)

But it also gives you a great chance to sit back and take stock, seeing things from
a different frame of mind, I am more productive and wasting far less time..
so it must be good..

It really does show you how so many of the trends and products can change in such
a short space of time.

I am glad to be back and glad to be busy being productive... being focused, being
ready. :)

I have had to change the look of this blog, I am in two minds aboput it, and still
have the main template I used before, but for now I will stick with this nice
REAL looking paper. :)

Till next time.. :)


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