Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"Muck to brass"

The progress of technology is quite scary when you look at the speed of it and
how things become "out of date" so fast.

Everyone knows that no company started off with the perfect product, and that
is an important point to think about.
Most things we buy have started off quite rough around the edges, yet they also
improve over time.

Imagine if they had not actually brought out the bad products out, then they wouldnt
be where they are today.

A rough imperfect product is better than no product.

Muck can turn to brass.

But without the muck there be no brass.

So however imperfect your article's, or your report's, or even your website, get it started
and "out there",  then the fine tuning and improvements can be made.

Do the muck,  then turn it to brass.  :)

I have done some work as you know,  and it is NOT perfect,  but its a start,  and I can ONLY improve it.



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