Thursday, July 22, 2004

"Visualise EVERYTHING"

Well the plan is underway, by which I mean, set in motion, and now the hard work starts, AND I hope pays off.

The odd thing is, at each step you DO something, your mind throws up the OTHER things you have to do, making the task seem that much MORE than you thought.

But the MORE I do, the LESS I have to do.

So onwards and upwards.  : )

It is exciting times, and an exciting idea I will try to do my 100% to make work.
I have to be excited, for it to convey to the people in the market.

I visualise these people ACTUALLY doing it, and try to get more into, what it would feel if it was ME getting it through MY door.  : )
This I feel greatly helps me to get more focused on my market, and as its an offline promotion too, I KNOW the people I aim for.

I DO feel it will work, else I wouldnt do it. ;^)

If it doesnt, well I will learn alot from it.
If it does well, I will also learn alot from it.  :^)

But if I dont try, I will NEVER know.
That spurs me on itself.

But I am visuslising it working, and it is known to have an effect.

Its a powerful part of life.

Visualisation... use it.  :^)



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