Wednesday, July 21, 2004

"Sowing the seeds"

Would I be right in saying, "if I had a pound for everytime someone said they needed MORE money", I would be a very rich man?

I think you all agree I would. :^)

But isnt it amazing what these people dont "realise", and that it IS there for you if you WANT it.You just have to do something to get it, and give something of BETTER value than the money in THEIR eyes.

So WHY dont they?Mainly because they wont do something they need to get it.They dont take the ACTION needed.

So from what we hear and what we experience, it seems everyone is looking for it on a plate.
Yet that plate does NOT exist.   : (
There is NOWHERE people will find "more money" by doing "nothing"...thats fact.

But the internet provides you with the easiest way to START your money making ideas, and if used properly in conjuntion with your brains, and effort, you have a virtual moneybox right in YOUR home.

You really NEVER had it so good. :^)
The level playing field it provides, for everyone.
I realised that AND have acted on it.

But the internet in its truest form is a media, and a good one too, its global, but ALSO its local.
And its also CHEAP, compared to most.

But plan your actions.Fail to plan is a plan to fail.   :^)

Now I want to share something with you, and I hope you REALISE what I did.
And act on it like I did. : )

You WONT regret it.
Do it and it WILL get you MORE money.
A profitable post.

Know something, its a DO-ER'S market, and do-ers will succeed.
And ANYONE can be a DO-er. : )
So anyone CAN succeed.


While working on my idea over the last week, I have had alot of interesting insights, and ideas, it is amazing how ideas develop, ONCE you start on something.
Its also amazing how when you START an idea you have, other ideas you have WILL, in your mind start looking for connections with the idea you have STARTED.
You cant AVOID it.
The power of whats in between our ears never ceases to amaze me.
Gotta stem the flow of these light bulbs going off.  :^)

Lets get one going off in YOUR mind. :^)


I am seeing something that contradicts what my parents have always told me, yet only now do I realise how right yet wrong they were.
At times when I was younger I was lucky enough to have "pocket money" from my parents, but all to often I would have asked for a little more sometime in the week.. ; )

"Money does NOT grow on trees" was often the delightful (not) response, and yes they were 100% right, it does not grow on trees, but I also learnt along the way that...

"Money trees" DO exist !!  :^)

Yeah right? You say.. So why aint you got one then??

Well why aint I been posting as often as I should?
"Sowing the seeds" is why... :^)
You will see it bloom on this weblog. 
Just like real trees, its the sowing the seeds, and getting the stem to grow thats the hard part.
All to often, not EVERY seed will grow.

They NEED nuturing while the roots take hold.
Once the roots are down, it will grow, and then branch out, and it will not need tending anymore.

Then you can sow more seeds. ; )
So do ONE a time.
Not ALL will grow.

You want seeds?

They ARE everywhere, and even YOU have them, or have HAD them.
All the ebooks you buy, and the programs you buy into, they are all selling you the manual, selling you the vision of your money tree.
The dream.

You still HAVE to sow the seed, and nuture.
All these ebooks and such, dont provide you with the seeds, just the "DIY" manual.

The seeds are ideas, knowledge and sowing is the action you need to take.
Maybe you have some ideas, seeds, yet unsure which to plant first, or unsure which WILL grow.
So you procrastinate, and dont plant ANY, or maybe even the wrong one.

Well in the last week I have realised the best, strongest seed I have is what I am sowing. : )Where did I get THAT seed?

Well its the ONLY one where you get paid 100% commissions.
Imagine have the seed, and lots of pointers to the best soil, and lots of fertilizer, AND expert advice to help you, AND the tree itself GROWS you money branches, with MULTIPLYING power.

How much would getting that be worth?
This is in my eyes an amazing concept, and it WILL pay.

The LONG terms prospects would to much for me to contemplate at this stage. : )
Its genius.
Its given me a WEALTH of ideas that belittle the price.
And the support is fantastic.


Scroll to the top and click the GOLD !!
You WILL be treated like Royalty 


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