Sunday, July 25, 2004

"In it to win it"

A great weekend, and I hope you all enjoyed yours too.  : )

I bumped into a friend near the beach while with my sons.
While chatting about working, as in our "real trades" we share, he chipped in that a worker we know had won a small sum on the lottery, something like £100.

Bet that didnt last long knowing his celabrating style!

My friend mention how great it would be to win the big one, yet admitted he DIDNT actually play it.  !!

"Gotta be in it to win it".  :^)

We had a laugh at that, but it is a nugget of truth, thats SO obvious.

Much like our own online desires to be successful, and earning a great income.
We have to be DOING something in order to BE successful, and have your LOTTERY lifestyle.

Hey If an article (in theory) cost you £1 to do, like the lottery, and you do ONE a week, thats a good 52 a year spreading virally for YOU.
And building your CHANCES of the success you dream of.

Why spend your years HOPING for it, like a lottery win, go GET it.
What lifestyle a lottery win could bring you, you could build for yourself.
The SLIM chances of you winning the lottery, is like the slim chance you have of DOING it for yourself...

The reason its slim, is simply because EVERYONE wants it, yet only a small % WILL do it.
Lottery winners are few and far between, as are the more successful self made success stories.

The BIG difference is YOU have the control over your chances of success in your business etc.
The chances of succeeding are MASSIVE if you DO whats needed.
With the lottery, you have NO control, other than PICKING the numbers.

52 articles a year... What would that DO for your success?



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