Monday, July 26, 2004

"Feedback, critical to success"

Often feedback is not what you WANT to hear but is often what you NEED to hear.
Feedback gives you a different perspective, and possibly highlights things that would otherwise go missed.

For this reason feedback can be a very big influence on your path to success.
Its how you react to the feedback that counts.
What you DO with that feedback.

I AM glad to hear feedback, and I know it will help me in long run, good or bad feedback.
We have to accept it doesnt always seem to others as it does to you.

Having a mixed kind of feedback is great, as then you can see the highs and lows of what you are doing.
Then it may seem easier for you to find the middle of them, and possibly greatly improve your chances of getting it "right"

Finding people with "contrasting" ways of thinking, and having them give you feedback will give you a great platform to improve things from.

Feedback  is a big part of business that should NEVER be ignored.

After all its YOUR business.  :^)


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