Monday, August 09, 2004

"Dam computer"

What a week, thanks to a nice bit of spyware, I have struggled
to get online long enough to make a post, or even send an email
and it has driven me up the wall. :(

It has been TOO long since I made a post, and I hope now that I
can continue doing "work" instead of banging my head against the
wall, and fighting the dam computer.

It has held me up an awful lot, even though I use antivirus etc, I
still had the problems, it really makes me waste time.

And thats our most precious thing.
We do not get it back, I will not get the last wasted week back. :(

So now I will have to double my efforts to catch up. :)

And I will. :)


Blogger Donny darko said...

Sarki has arrived....... I am here I am real... I am the legend that is Sarki........

Rob S.... it's so nice to finally catch up with you.... mmmwwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

8:39 pm  
Blogger Donny darko said...

hello ......Rob........mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

8:40 pm  

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