Monday, February 14, 2005

"Allen Says"

We do..
If you should.. :-)

I have been "blogging" for a while, and have in
a previous post said that "everyone" should blog,
for different reasons.

But I really believe the MAIN reason to blog is to
"Write because you want to"..

Because you have something to share, everyone of
us has a different "train of thought" and that is what
you want to write about in your blog.

Share your thoughts, and enjoy doing it, thats when
your REAL self shines through, your uniqueness..

You would be suprised how much "sense" you make to others.

I dont have anything to write about?

Humbug, your thoughts NEVER stop..
Ok you dont have to share "some " thoughts.. :-0

Write your blog for you.. is a good bit of advice I read.

You will be amazed at how many "will" like your blog.
I am... :-)

Hey I have read ALOT of blogs, I blog, so I wanted to see
what others blog about..

Blogging is GREAT, and it just got better.
Before I jump ahead of myself here..

Charles Darwin...


Allen says...

What?? Ok I hear ya. :-)


What?? Ok I hear ya.. :-)

That word, that man.. Charles Darwin..
Need I say more on that?

Things "evolve"....

Mitsubshi have THAT down a fine art
with their "evolution" too.. (the car)
Why change the whole car?

Evolve it.. :-)

Allen Says...

The evolver of the "blog", but FAR more than that.
Probably has the BEST blog on the net...It can
earn you MONEY even if you dont really want to
have a website.


I do NOT say it for the reason you may think. ;-)

I do not show it just to "get you as my affiliate"

You will have probably ALREADY heard of or seen
this blog, and no doubt "get" what I am saying.
But for those who have not seen it, or have not
clicked on a banner or link on a site, you WILL one day.

So why not "mine" .. :-)

But as I already say, thats NOT the reason I post
about it here.
This is My blog, my thoughts on it.. :-)

The REAL reason, is simply, that this blog is absolutely
TOP quality, and a MUST read.

There a few, only a few I read that really are "must"
read "whatever else im doing" when its updated.
And THIS is one.

After all you dont HAVE to buy ANYTHING, but
what info is on that blog, is PRICELESS!!

Yes what you READ on that blog is worth far more
than what you could EARN from it. :-)

So much power and wisdom in so few words.

And it was something Allen himself actually told others
to do, thats made me sit up and think.

"Taking something thats already there and putting
a twist on it"

Is that not what he has just done himself.. ??

This IS the best thing I have seen from a blog.

But that also brings me to say...

Now there is NO excuse for you NOT to start your
blog...and possibly profit from it.

Without costing you a PENNY / BUCK !!

Blogger is free, and so easy to use.

But FIRST you need to see Allens blog.. but more
importantly, READ the dam thing.. :-)
And ACT on it.

Click here!

Then get over to blogger...and get blogging.

If you start one... share it. :-) Id love to read it..

So.. has Allen changed blogging ???

What do you think of it??... comments?...


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