Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ideas sparked by motivation.

Well what an interesting week and its not over yet!

Having to take a break, has as surely as you know allowed me to take a step back, and coming back online, seeing things in a newer perspective, and I like it. :)

Being more productive with my time will and has fired up my motivation to a new level.
Being more productive is also allowing me to be more focused, and thats a key to "getting there".

But a great thing I noticed is by being more motivated, it has sparked new ideas for my plans,
so what do I do,I have enough on my plate at this moment, I write them down, knowing they are there, I can let it go, and get on with whats at hand, and knowing they will feature and be done at the time it needs to be done.

And just letting it go, I find another idea sparks up, as can often happen.

This is great. :)

Motivation is great fuel and talking of motivation, my good friend Andy has started a blog, where as part of his motivation site, he gives great tips and ideas, a great newsletter too.

I have started to realise motivation is a big factor in success, I knew it was, but didnt appreciate it for the power it is, till now. :)

And I think its a blog you will like. go over to ... Im sure you will like it. :)

One thing I do like is the "aha" moments on online working and learning, and that fires your motivation.

Take care.


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