Tuesday, December 14, 2004

"A great response"

I have at last got my site "out there" and I delivered the flyers, well HALF of them,
(oh yes offline marketing, something that should be done more).
And I am pleased with the response I have had so far.

It seems the average response to be of about 1 - 2 % so to get 20 odd out of 500, is GREAT.!!

:-) Better than I expected.

I will keep track of everything, and I will get the other 500 flyers out there over the next 2 days. :-)

Who knows another 20 would be nice. ;-)

I am excited, ;-) Cant you tell?

Just getting the site done and out there has had a massive effect on my motivation, and
desire to do more.

I have big plans, but the hardest thing is done, and that is to get started.
I am enjoying this learning curve with a new outlook.

What is stopping you from getting started?

Go for it. :-)

Take care.



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