Sunday, March 27, 2005

"I'll say it again"

Visulisation is a powerful thing.
Interesting story about Jenson Button the F1 racer, who before each race, sits on a yoga ball with his eyes closed, he "goes through the race" in his mind, actually mimicing the revs, gear changes, the whole cabaoodle..every metre of the track.

"Often I will visualise the race within two of three seconds of the actual time it takes" he said.

And the paper says he is barmy?
I don't agree, I think he is onto a great thing there, he is 100% focused on the job, KNOWING how it will go too.
If only he can start shaving off another two secs in his head, he will be even more "tuned" to the race, I hope he gets to do just that.

I have mentioned about the power of visualisation before, as have many others who swear by it too.
Here is a great example of it in action.

What do you think?


Blogger Vicki said...

Visualisation does a whole lot for us in my opinion!

I just came over to say hi from the Barbara Sher boards :)

(I spent a lot of time in Portland UK a few years back, its a gorgeous place!)

11:03 pm  
Blogger rob :-) said...

Great to see you. Thanks for popping by.. a good forum that..

Glad you like and know the place.
Take care Vicki.


12:28 am  
Blogger RHarbury said...

Very interesting mate,...very interesting indeed.

Have a plan, know every inch, curve and pit~stop ... and stick to it.
One important unconsidered detail in this story of Jenson Button is the disruption to his cunning plan by forces beyond his control, for example Shuey banging him up the rear, end of race,...frustration, annoyance,...and his plan ends,...race not won.
Of course there is always next time, and there is no doubt that he will get up and sit on his yoga ball and begin again, thats the kinda guy he is.
Visualization is great, only I do like to include the unforseen pop~ups that may just occur in my own visualizations, just to sample a slice of negativity,...
I suppose one thing to learn from this tale is that he has a set and trusted point to return to when he wants to begin focussing again,... must get myself a yoga ball.

Cheers Rob,Great site,Working well and looks good. Top hole :)-[--<



2:40 am  

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