Monday, March 20, 2006

"What NOT to do on your journey"

SPAM blogs using the comment function!

Listen up... if you like this blog, by all means comment, share what you learn etc, but dont SPAM the blog, ok it bothers me when I spend an hour having to remove them, but it will do YOUR business more harm than good.

Well how do you think it looks when you post lots of the same spammy comments on peoples blogs? Do you presume people will think .. "well theres a good marketer"... ??

NO.. They think.. "what a load of crap comments" SPAM in other words.

How can this help you?

I will stay on the ball now and remove spam comments, so be warned.. but....
I would rather you learnt from it and realised it will NOT help you or your profile.

It makes no sense in the long run.. you cant remove the comment so if you realise that then think before you do comment on someones blog.

Great to be back though. :o)


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