Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The biggest challenge.

Having been busy this last few days, I am facing and taking on the biggest
challenge, in my mind, as we are all different and have different skills, in
my learning curve so far.

Though it is a key part in success online, and its something that I want to
learn, rather than outsource, as people do.

Of course there will be time when things have to be outsourced simply for
the right reasons, but I dont feel that this should be outsourced mainly
for the control factor.

I want to be able to have control over this, and to be able to act on anything
when it is needed, straight away if thats needed.

For everyone who wants success online, they are going to have to do something
whatever that may be, graphics, copywriting, marketing, etc.

We cant do it all, well, some people can and do, but I cant, yet. :)

For me the webuilding process, is something I have to learn, and I feel it
is important that I can build, manage, and change the sites themselves.

So I am webuilding, and as we all know you dont have to have a website to
create an income, but it sure improves things, and the reality is I am in it for
the long haul, so I want to have that control, and ability to do this.

In my mind the possibilties that will present themselves once I know how to
build a site in a few days will be amazing.
The fact that I will be able to create the visual side of my ideas and such, will
motivate me further to do so.

The truth be told, some of my ideas have and are, big ( but ya gotta aim big ) ,
but scary, so I will take that big step, building a much smaller and targetted
website for the first one.. :)

And I know that if this succeeds, it will push me so much farther and with
far more confidence to do so. :)

Thats gotta be something to look forward to. ;)

So if things seems to much , start smaller, build up to it. :)

Take care.

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