Sunday, September 10, 2006

24 hours of blogging...

All for a very very good cause too.

I would hazard a guess many of you have heard of
Dr Mani, the Heart surgeon who is also an internet
marketer.. as well as being a top bloke!

Dr Mani is going through a 24 period of non-stop
blogging in order to raise awareness and funds to
enable children to have much needed surgery.
These children would not have this chance were
it not for Dr Mani and.........

YOU.. the readers and donators to the cause.

Also is the assurance that Dr Mani KNOWS this money
will make a huge difference because he one of the surgeons
that change's these childrens lives.

I'll bet theres not a single penny (or rupee) wasted from
this deserving cause.

It is very important to realise that even a very small
donation of $5 or even £5 is going to go a LONG way
when you convert that value to Indian currency.

NO donation is to small.

Dr Mani is towards the last few hours, a good push for those
hours would be fantastic!

Help Spread Congenital  Heart Defects Awareness

Take a look at the great tips on the blog. The theme this year

is time management... go share a little time with the Dr.. :o)



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