Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The mind.

Last week an extraordinary thing happened.
I was to be honest facing a few serious problems in my life.. offline, and I was and im not ashamed to say it, slightly scared.
I was facing eviction.. you may not notice anything in my writing, as I am always striving to be positive at any given time, in any given situation, so I try to not let it effect my writing. : )
But it was a serious matter, and I found it hard to relax, and sleep.
The reasons why I wont go into, simply because its been sorted out to a degree, and I dont have to move out now.

But it was a touch and go situation, and having kids it was hard to contemplate.
But its changed, and I really feel it was down to one thing.

And I want to share it with you.

When my landlord came down and told me it had been sorted out and that I could stay, I sank to knees when he left, and I voiced my appreciation at the news.
Something inside me seriously clicked, I slept VERY well that night. : )

It was a great weight off my shoulders, but looking back, I had already eased that weight from me slightly, allowing the change to happen by accepting it, and being ready for it when it came, and to be thankful when it came.
And that was two days before.

How and why?
Well I confided in someone about my situation and I was given something to read il never forget.
It was pointed out to me that I "needed" to read this.

The ebook had a dramatic effect on me for several reasons and
in several ways.
First it helped me to SEE the situation I was in, and accept it,
in order to change it.
Secondly it gave me the belief that I would be ok.
It worked. :^)

The biggest lesson it taught me was the power of our thoughts and how we influence so much by our thoughts.
It was a lesson I wont forget, but it didnt really sink in till the day the landlord came down.

After reading this book, I felt I "got" it, and it changed my way of thinking.
The most important thing about us is how we think and why we think these ways.
How we percieve things in our mind.

The mind IS the most powerful tool we have, and we are all guilty of underestimating that power.

I have since re-read the book, and it really is that powerful,
one way I noticed this, is if you replace the "greenback" for say.. "love" it still applies.. : )

I will continue to keep re-reading this book as its helping to condition my way of thinking further, and keeps the lessons where it teaches me, where it matters.. in my mind.

I am wholeheartedly glad that I was advised to read this book.

I have read other ebooks with a similar topic, yet this is a straight to the point and a non confusing book.
One of the BEST books I have read... Period. : )

I have had the ebook button on the top of my weblog for the last week, and hope that some of you have taken the opportunity to read it.

Now something has changed, and it makes this an important post.
The book will now only be free until the 15th of this month.

Therefore I bring it to your attention as a matter of urgency.
If you really want to make a real positive change to your life
I recommend you grab this now before its to late.

The button will be removed on the 15th of may, and will no longer be available to you.

click here now for this great book, and when you have read it, come post a comment to share what you learn from it.

I hope it effects you as profoundly as it did me.
Read it and change your thinking power, charge your mind, and utilise your thoughts.

Take care,


Monday, May 10, 2004

Blogger has made changes..

You will notice that YOU can now post comments to my weblog regarding the postings.
As a new feature it only applies to post I make from now onwards, but if you have comments regarding any of my post on here please feel free to comment, as long as there is no swearing or rude comments, I will be happy for you to post comments.

Now on to todays post, I have a few things to say but, one at a time. :^)

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