Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I have been thinking alot about everything I am doing online, and I have to say I have real proof that the "marketing niche" is not the best to start into.. I started a new blog, as mentioned in previous post.. and thats two weeks old, and has had more unique hits than this one.. which is...
over a year old!!

So.. what to do about it? Well I have been thinking of turning all the lessons from here into an ebook.
That way I will always have a copy, and it may feature in something I do in the future.

So.. what of this blog?

I'll leave it up, but post to it slightly less, just when i learn something.. but I realise I blog more than anything else, so I'll start a "blogging" blog.. but it will be very different to any other i have done.. using the lessons learned from this blog, and the other newer ones.. I will follow what works.

I will not do it on blogger either..

So I'll post the link here as soon as its sorted out. :o)

Look out for that.


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