Friday, April 30, 2004

The Fishermen........

As I stood on the clifftop.. scanning the beauitful horizon
all around me..well its an Island (sort of), I watched as the
sun set slowly on the sea, sunburst red clouds stretching
overhead and behind me.. a line of shimmering red/orange
on the sea coming from the sun towards me...
Soaking up the beautiful range of natures colours. :^)

I glanced around at the horizon, marvelling at the curve of
the earth..and a small but powerful thought struck me...

As I watched, the small fishing boat leaving the shore, was
slowly moving in the direction of the sun, almost like the
shimmereing line of red/orange had turned into a "road"
for them to follow...

Leading them to their treasure, the shoals of fish that are
yet unseen in the big vast area of the sea... using what skills
they have learnt over the years to "find" that elusive spot.

I sat upon the rock beside me and followed the progress of
the boat, and watched as the sun sank slowly for the night.

In the distance I noticed about 30 / 40 seagulls swooping and
diving over the water, in a mad frenzy, and the fishermen
noticed it too, as I watched I imagined the sea as the internet,
filled with treasure that seems elusive to the vast majority
of us, much as the treasue (fish) is elusive to most fishermen,
more so to the inexperienced fishermen starting out...

Maybe the shoal was "mackerel" (new hungry marketers).

The seagulls seemed to me, to be the "gurus" hovering over
the treasure, all wanting the same batch of treasure to feast
on, to fill themselves up while they can, knowing the treasure
wont always be exactly there.. knowing they will have to look
elsewhere once more.. (different niches)!

I looked at the boat to see they were heading slightly to
the left of the seagulls, now they changed direction
leading them in the way of the "gurus" to grab their part
of the treasure, they were about 700 , 800 metres away
and were rowing steadily towards their destination..

The seagulls stay with the treasure, as the fishermen
come to the treasure, and hoping to grab any piece
of the pie for themselves to fight over, knowing they cant
get it for themselves alone with... "no bait".

The fishermen, savvy and with the bait (new product / service)
know the treasure is there for the taking, and will nearly
always throw the "gurus" a share, as reward for leading them
to the treasure, (jv) a benefical relationship for both parties.

But as the savvy fishermen know he wont always have the
seagulls to lead him to the treasure, he also has "other"
means, of feeding and "earning", they may be other "niches"
in the sea (trawler boats with nets) or a "day job".. :^)

In the offline world, out of the sea (internet).

The seagulls know there will be other fishermen to come
with the "bait" to help them feed off the frenzy they see,
so they have a regular "treasure hunt" (jv) relationship
with all the savvy fishermen with the bait.

Its so regualar the seagulls dont "need" to have other
means,... though they will always have other
means (bins, and damn messy they can be) :^/ they can

They seagulls will find other fish, (other online niches)
that they feed from, and often follow the "big" boats
that already know where their market is, hoping to grab
some of the overspill, these big boats dont "need" the
seagulls to guide them.

The fishermen will come out often knowing that what he
catches is the bonus, to enable him to have more from
his "other" means, (day job), and being able to build
and grow his total means, towards getting that "bigger
and better" boat and batch of bait, to feed off the
frenzy of the sea futher, and only when the supply
is enough does he stop his lesser means..
(fixed wage in the day job).

The fisherman is building for the time he doesnt need
to follow the seagulls. :^)
Knowing he has what the "fish" need / want and how to
find them.

Are you the seagull, the fisherman or the fish?

What would you want to be? :^)

Copyright Rob Sellen 2004-2006. All rights reserved.