Thursday, August 12, 2004

"Teigan and a lesson"

Thats my brothers youngest girl, who I have loved to watchwith the marketing mindset,
she NEVER gives up.
Walking in the walker, she will struggle to get through the doorways, yet she KNOWS she
can get through it, as mum anddad push her through there in the walker.

So she does know it WILL get through it, and boy does she try. :)
She also now has started to walk without it, as she KNOWS it can be done.
The sheer amount of learning that babies do, in such a short time, is never really matched
again in life.
Yet they can also teach us an awful lot. :)

She will walk BEFORE running, much as we ourselves should in life, dont rush things,
let them go at a comfortable pace, and it also becomes the best way to learn, and we learn far more than we can if rushed.We will also gain better results faster by being in more control.

Another thing it teaches me is its dam hard to switch the marketing view off once we have
that mindset. :)

Cant be a bad thing.. :) Can it?

Monday, August 09, 2004

"Dam computer"

What a week, thanks to a nice bit of spyware, I have struggled
to get online long enough to make a post, or even send an email
and it has driven me up the wall. :(

It has been TOO long since I made a post, and I hope now that I
can continue doing "work" instead of banging my head against the
wall, and fighting the dam computer.

It has held me up an awful lot, even though I use antivirus etc, I
still had the problems, it really makes me waste time.

And thats our most precious thing.
We do not get it back, I will not get the last wasted week back. :(

So now I will have to double my efforts to catch up. :)

And I will. :)

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