Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Blogging is taking off"

As you know I have been blogging for a while now, and they are great, its hard to believe how much gets written when you get going.
At first it seems a bit daunting looking a blank screen, but once you think ok.. I'll write whatever comes to mind.. it does start to get flowing.

I have said before its a great way to start.
Blogging is "the lazy man's website".. not to imply I am lazy, though I maybe ;-)
But more that it is a simple and fast way to get going, you write, click publish, and bang its there for all to see.

But blogs are far more than that, they are more a "website with personality".. your personality.
You come out through the writing, its not a "crafted letter" of any sort, just you writing.

But hey blogs are really taking off, its seems to be that they are evolving fast.

There are audio ones, photo ones, affiliate ones, meaning you can earn from them, even if they are not yours. ;-)
People are using them for alsorts, and there are some people that are earning crazy money from blogs.
There are some very good writers out there ya know. ;-)
The blogging craze has given "real ordinary" people a chance to get their writing noticed and become more skilled writers by simply doing it more.

The greatest thing to me about it is that it allows people to share some fantastic knowledge, wisdom and experience and with ANYONE who cares to read it. :-)
There are blogs that share some real gold in the content, stuff that some would pay big money for, oh indeed alot of it would be worth it.

The net was based on sharing info, (information superhighway as its known) and you can find most information you want and often free.
But I can see it is becoming more and more common for blogs to charge for content, some have a fee to be a member, or some have you pay for access to certain post content.

The simple truth is that they know the content is worth more what they ask.
This is smart savvy marketing, utilising blogs in this way is going to catch on I think. :-0

Allen Says has done just that... and if the free content he shares is anything to go by, it must be dynamite don't ya think..? ;-)
I have learnt some great tips here and its one blog I check daily.

There are so many successful people online that would tell you that they "got it" after reading Allens stuff.
I know I have gained so much from reading it.

I have not only learnt great things from reading this blog, but I have been amazed at how he takes blogging to a new level.
Its not just what he says, its what he does.

If you dont have a blog, you should start one, and you never know, you may just be able to have people pay for your great content.
You can do this without having a static website, blogs are dynamic websites.. thats the difference.
Take a look at Allens blog, and "see" the potential of it. ;-)

Blogging is highly recommended. ;-)


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