Thursday, June 10, 2004


"Come and sit round lads" Jon called as he lay the leaf upon the
desk in front of us, we grabbed chairs and huddled around the big desk in the dusky cabin/classroom.

He quickly drew the leaf upon the small (french) stone slab on the desk in front of him, all the while talking to us, looking in my direction, as he knew I needed to lipread. ;^)

The natural curve of the leaf giving a nice shape.
The drawing was done effortlessly.

He settled to start carving the leaf into the stone, explaining what he was doing, and why, often giving little nuggets of tips gained in many years of efforts, and experience.

We all sat transfixed on the chisels, and listening intently, often a little question was asked, he answered quietly with the
full attention of us all.
The leaf was easily done in half hour, and looking..well like a leaf.. ; )

Often telling tales to us of where he had word and what he done around the world, tales of "boning in" big blocks (thats squaring up a rough quarry block.) in searing heat in Wyoming in the us, sucking a little pebble to keep his mouth from drying out, while hammering away at full pelt all day. : /
(hard work that is) ; )
Being alone in that wilderness, often having a good shout just to "hear" something !!

( he actually said he knew how I felt. :^0 )

We learnt more in them half hours than in half a day with some of the others at the college, not to say they were bad, but to say he was a GREAT teacher, who is also a GREAT carver.
He has retired now, I hope he is enjoying that, :^)
sshhh but I bet he aint stopped carving though. ; )

I would have paid to be taught by him, if I could have done, and had that chance, I would have spent nearly all my lessons there with him.

Simply because of what he taught and how he taught it.
He was an inspiration. :^)

Another great teacher was my deptuty head at secondary school, he was awesome, had 100% respect from every kid in that school, a big kind but strict yet fair man, he commanded respect without even trying.
And he was a talented bloke too.
He taught everything and anything, and very well too. :^)

He taught my own parents generation there too.
Thats was strange. :^)
He has now met MY boys, ; ) That shocked him.

But any of us would have sat in a classroom with him, given the chance, he was a great teacher who made you a great listener.
He chose to NEVER be the head, simply because he would have had to teach in class less, because teaching was what he loved doing.

These two men, and my mum, (who was a teacher there too) taught me something, that is its not just what you learn, its how you learn, and who teaches you that can make all the difference.

Its the people behind the teaching.
They teach you the most.
That was a great lesson to learn.

They motivate you, and they stick in your minds.
Great teachers are hard to forget.

We ALL remember a good teacher in our lives.

A good teacher is far better than a "guru" and though some marketing "gurus" are good teachers, often the good teachers are not "gurus".

Good teachers are good helpers too.

Their lessons pay for themselves whatever they cost. :^)
They teach to get results, not sell hype.

The net is changing, people are realising its the relationships and the people behind the websites that are important too.
Trust and honesty are rightly replacing hype.

The get rich quick dream was never here and it wont be either, with out work you wont get rich... thats fact.

Yet with the right teachers and the right motivation behind action you CAN get rich, but thats up to YOU, work still has to be done.

Two places have helped me a great deal, and the people behind have also helped my progress a great deal more.

One I talked of in another post, the Get more greenback, and Jeff behind that is a great bloke who in one conversation inspired me alot, he changed my mindset massively, and for the better.
What he has taught me, has started to work already and very well too. :^)
I learnt that in one night, yet I continue to learn from him, and his great site, each time I go there.

The mindset and all the effects of this and its power to create and change things, is taught well, and very much worth every penny, it works. :^)

As often its the motivation to take the action on what I learn that can be slightly lacking in me, yet I am taking action, and being motivated, I am progressing in the right direction. ; )

The right mindset and motivation with action, is what will make your money, your success.
They are all linked and very important to our success.

Andy has picked me up, from my lowest points, and lifted me to standing tall, with the massive help and generosity and a good
way of teaching and helping.
He gave me that motivation too, that faith to get myself motivated, and getting yourself motivated is the hardest part.

This continues to each time I go to his site, I actually offered him a testomonial for him, and he accepted, I was busy for a few days, went to refresh on the site, and theres more, and more..
It was growing, more than 70 articles for example.

I see new things each time I go back, I learn alot there, he also has a great forum on there, yet the best thing of being members of these sites are the people behind them.

They work and help with you in mind, every time, and thats what makes them different for me, and you can communicate well with them.
Its the relationships that are of importance to them.
Not the money.

You can most information online free if you look hard enough, yet the best is soon to have to be paid for, why?
People are getting sick of hype, and scams, and I personally feel more and more of the best things are going to be in membership sites.

If they offer serious value and they can pay for themsleves being helping you make money, they will flourish.
Why cancel some membership thats earning you some money? ; )

And as its earlish days, the sites are going to grow, and keep having things added to them.
Why stop adding things when you earn and grow from it . ; )
Things will only get better.
So Im in there early. :^)

But the biggest bonus is the interactivity with the owners.
They have the passion to help and teach, because your success is their success.

I planned a membership site for my own niche well before I met Andy, yet I shared my plan with him and was pleased to know he felt it was a good idea for me.
Its the residual income that makes it work.
If the content is worth paying for people will pay for it.
If it earns for them, its free content to them with great value.

If the content is not good, they will soon fade. :^)
That becomes free content for EVERYONE.

Quality membership sites that provide the right content, and help, taught by the right people will be a major part of my success.

This site is one that is helping me take strides in my learning curve and I am sure it would do the same for anyone who wants to succeed online

is here to stay.

Two great sites that will make all the differnce.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


If you have regulary read this weblog (thanks) ; ) you will have I hope learnt things, and even enjoyed reading it, :^)
You will have also noticed I have done ONE thing, that has made the difference, and it boils down to one word.

Most of you regaular readers will already have this word on the tip of your tongue..

That word is ACTION.

The one word that will sum up your success, or chances of success.
Some people get sick of hearing it, yet still take no action, and wonder why it "aint working".

That could be because of a number of things, yet if you want to succeed you will HAVE to take action.
The overnight riches WONT happen.
Yes people have made alot of money overnight, but thats AFTER taking action, and sowing the seeds of success with "work", and more than likely alot of work and time striving to succeed.

Work!? Ah yes that.
Action is work, work is action.
Little action little results.
Big action big results. :^)

If I hadnt taken action this weblog would be "blank". ; )
This is the 20th post... wow.
If I hadnt taken action, I wouldnt have built up the relationships that I have.
If I hadnt taken action I wouldnt be heading towards MY goals.

If you are not taking action.. why not?

It maybe that you lack the crucial element "behind" taking action.
That element is motivation.
What will motivate you to work towards your goals?
What will motivate you to take action?

Finding the motivation is an important part of your journey towards your success.
Motivation is the engine that drives the you towards your goals.

It comes back to working on YOURSELF more than your work.
I find that to keep yourself motivated is harder than it seems, as there are many things and circumstances that can knock your motivation.
Yet to "give up" would be far worse.

To NEVER take action would be worse again.

What really motivates you?
Thats an important question to ask yourself.

Fire up your engine. ; )

Get motivated, take action, get results. :^)

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Learning from mistakes.

No matter what you do in work, love, marketing, indeed any areas of life, mistakes WILL happen.
No-one is so specail that they can AVIOD this.
We may aviod a few from learning from others, but we will STILL make mistakes along the way.

The important thing regarding this is what they teach you, and what you can learn from them.

If all our little mistakes never happened, we wouldnt have learnt what we have learnt, and so wouldnt have progressed on our path of life.

The fact of the matter is simply mistakes HAVE to be made in our lives for us to learn, how often do our parents say that we will
"learn the hard way then", when we have chosen to ignore their kind and well intended widsom?

A few times to often I would think.

Learning from the mistakes is very important, so as not to repeat the same mistake.
If we dont learn we dont progress.

Progress is of paramount importance to our ultimate success.
They go hand in hand. :^)

Dont curse a mistake, embrace it as a very important learning process.
Take on board WHY the mistake was made, and HOW you can learn from it.

We all make mistakes.
We all lose our way at times.
We are ALL human.

We will never stop learning, and will never stop making mistakes.

Sometimes learning the hard way can be the best way. :^)

What have you learnt from your mistakes.

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