Thursday, June 17, 2004

"Probably the best weblog in the world" !!

I dont know how you react to that above statement?
Maybe along the lines of...

"Now you REALLY have lost it" :^)

Maybe , but then having re-read ALL the post on this blog, thats the archives too, there ARE some great marketing lessons here, and more than one in alot of them, not just the content but HOW I wrote them.

But thats NOT why I wrote the above statement....
Its probably not true...

You agree? Thanks ALOT !! ; )

Ok I have put the trumpet down now! :^/

But il keep trying.... :^)

So what made me write that?
And can the lesson improve your marketing?


Some great football in the euro 2004, and I was watching it the other night, as it was itv, they had a comercial break at half time, so I went to get up to put the kettle on, but an ad caught my eye.

That ad showed me a great example of CLEVER marketing, and they do it MORE than once.

They have used the main template of the ad for a long time.

With the very cleverly worded slogan, they have been able to
attach that to every advert, therefore it became the the foundation of their advertising.
Their usp.. (unique selling point).

The power of ONE word makes this advertiser a winner.
Some of you may KNOW which word already, and know the where
I saw THAT word, and know THE adverts.

Thats how good it has worked.

Even if you DO know, do you see the marketing lessons in it?

Can you even dream up an advert using the same idea with the same product and make ANOTHER example?

Ok so what WAS that advert and what WAS that word you want to know.

Carlsberg.. "Probably the best lager in the world"

The KEY word being "probably".

They dont say it IS the best, but "probably" : )

To this they have now added ANOTHER keyword, and adding a twist they have also tapped into a goldmine of ideas for content for the future advertising of the product.

That keyword is IF.

So the advert was where a bloke was looking for a flat..
And its a great flat with great people and a great view overlooking a football pitch, basically the best you could imagine. :^)
With a great cook who does ALL the cooking.

The punchline...

"If Carlsberg made flatmates they would probably be the best in the world".

So you see that if "probably" wasn't in the original slogan, these new adverts "probably" wouldnt have worked so well.

That one word IS the centre of that advert, and the link that makes them work.

They have adapted it for a few great adverts.
They can adapt it to almost ANYTHING.

You could "probably" think of your own great example. : )

See how a twist can change an advertising campaign.
The idea is so simple yet effective, its a wonder they didnt think of it YEARS ago.. ; )

So what can YOU do to twist up a stale marketing campaign, WITHOUT changing the basic usp.
Whats the "centre" of YOUR marketing, "your usp", what can you "add" to it?

Twist it up, revive your marketing.


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