Friday, May 07, 2004

I have something to share with you all.

You will notice that I have a few links to forums on this blog
and I think you should all be visiting forums for help and guidance, as they are a wealth of information, on most things we NEED to learn or WANT to learn.

You will learn alot more if you post to the forums too.
But it can be hard to get posting.

We have all been there sometime, maybe with even a good question you really wanted to know, but were just to shy to type it in.

Well I want to share something, as you know I have not long been taking "action" in the marketing arena.. but since I have taken "action".. things have progressed at a rapid rate.

In that taking action I am heading towards the small % or people who succeed, according to some.
All from a little "action".

I want to tell you about something that just may help YOU.
Theres a new forum and its just for you. : )

One of the best ways to get started is to post in forums, and just a hello post will change things... and give you the confidence to continue posting, and learning as you do that.

Much like meeting new friends in the offline world, nerves are a barrier, but one we DO get over.
Else we would never meet anyone.

Head over to this great new forum and join us at the start, before you know it you are a known poster.
And you taking "action". ; )

Before you head there, I want to share something.
I am honoured and amazed, that i have been asked to help
moderate the forum, yet I have not been taking "action" that long, but its been enough to have someone respect and trust me
to help them.
And thats amazing.
Its "taking action" that got me noticed, and I want you all to take action too.

So can I say I look forward to saying "hello" to you.

click here to come and say "hello"

A great way to get started taking "action"

Take care,


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