Thursday, September 21, 2006

I have to admit it.. it was FAR better than I expected!

Unless you have had your hand in the sand, or been away from your
pc over a week, you will have no doubt heard all about the very viral
controversal "death of adsense" book that spread like wildfire over
the last 8 days!

Well it certainly caused a rumpus in the IM niche.. from all angles!

There was speculation on what the second book would be like and
what was going to be "pitched" at us... something that was inevitable
according to some... the controversy is probably something that was
well exectuted and an expected response arose!...

But I bet it was better than expected!

Well the cat is now right out of the bag.. it wasn't exactly what I expected
and certainly opened my eyes a bit!

The second book is a meaty 50 odd pages, with some quality content
to be had.. it is in fact a blueprint to buy money!!!

YEP.. you can BUY money with this info!

I honestly am suprised and what he shared here.. for FREE you have
to be NUTS to pass up this info.

I am now very keen to listen to what he says in the future about all
this.. why?... He so OBVIOUSLY knows what he is talking about.

Not only that he has just showed me a fantasic marketing
example and I eagerly learnt from it.
Just the approach he took was a stroke of genuis to get this
book talked about.. you will see EACTLY what I mean inside
the book.

The "adsense gurus" will be kicking themselves...
I am no "guru" but I AM kicking myself..

Wanna see why, wanna see why you will most likely
be kicking yourself..hard and repeatedly for making the same
stupid mistake as I was!

This book has simply put changed my thinking about adsense.
It will yours too!
It doesn't mean you will abandon it.. You most likely won't
but it will show you EXACTLY where you are goin wroing
with it, and how to STOP the rot!

Take a look yourself and then seriously reconsider your views
on adsense.. you will anyway whether you think you will or not..
It is that ...well go see here for yourself..

Be WARNED it will open your eyes and your change your bank balance!


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