Friday, June 04, 2004


We all know that they take a lot longer to build than to lose.
Thats fact.

But not only is that something to be aware of, but also the way people lose their reputation is of importance too.

Just how people go about things has massive implications in many areas of their lives.

Just today on one of the best forums I visit, someone posted claiming that someone else was a liar, when asked for proof of the lie, it was not given.
They went on to argue with several people, including myself though I werent really arguing with them, merely pointing out some points of note and expressing MY opinions on the matter.

He actually called me a liar too, yet says it was meant for someone else.

This has two lessons for me.

One, while the person tries to ruin someone elses reputation, he
actually ruins his own reputation by not backing up what he states.

And two, he has without realsing it, reinforced the persons reputation he attacked.

How.. By not backing up his statements with proof, each reader can then make there own conclusions into the situation as they read it, they will make up their own minds.

He even went as far as to say that everyone on the forum was THICK !! : /

I am sure that the many people that read the post would have made there own minds up about the situation , as I did and
come to the conclusion that the accusation was wrong.

The readers are not so thick to not form an opinion of the situation as they see it.

And they are not so thick to know where to spend their money.
Or where NOT to spend their money.

The conclusion I come to is that the person who has been attacked, has obviously NOT conned or lied to the attacker, therefore he has reinforced that reputation he so tried to wreck.

It has backfired in many ways.

Not only does it hurt the attackers reputation, it also hurts the future relationships he may have with other marketers.

The way people percieve you goes a long way to determing your relationships, and your success.

Relationships are very important to your business.
As is the reputation you have.
They go hand in hand.

People like this tend not to THINK before posting to forums.

It was noted that the accuser asked for the offending post's he made to be removed.

I am glad that he was turned down.

People MUST realise that when they post to a forum, they are posting for EVERYONE to read.

Not just the person that is replied to.

And that the post reflects the poster. :^)

So I learnt what NOT to do as much as WHAT to do.

There are lessons in every situation. :^)

Forums are great, but they are also breeding grounds for online relationships.

So how do YOU want to be percieved?
How can you BOOST your reputation from the lesson learnt here?
What sort of relationships do you want.

Treat it all carefully.

Take care.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Derren Brown.

Having been busy this weekend, I gave myself the chance to relax and take a break, so grabbed an hour of tv.

Did you watch Derren Brown?.... wow

The power of the mind that he shows, and the power to get others
to think the way he wants them to think, its just amazing.

I have enjoyed his programs, he is great at what he does.
Controversial yet subtle with it.

And controversy is a great marketing tool.
It stirs it up.
It sells. : )

How can you be controvesial in YOUR marketing?

Being controversial without being over the top.
Subtle yet effective.

Think of ways you could utilise controversy to gain a little
good publicity for yourself. ; )

A good example of controversy in marketing to me was Brittney Spears in THAT schoolgirls outfit.

How controversial can YOU be in your marketing?

Stir it up. :^)

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