Friday, April 23, 2004

It was a valuable visual lesson learnt.

It was a beautiful day.

The sun was shining, warming my face as i sat on the bench in the quiet local square,
i sat scanning the book i had just got from the local library, taking a breather.
I lifted my face every few minutes to look around.. out of habit.
( i am deaf so use eyes more than most ) ; )

On two sides of the square are two pubs with seating outside, about half of the seats
were being used, and various people walking through the square..
when suddenly..

She caught my eye... : )

A beautiful girl, sat with two friends, in the far corner of the seating area.. wow..
she was stunning.... now my ears are bad... but my eyes are dam fine.. ; )

I couldnt help but look at her, and the glow of her beauty in the sun, with her
gorgeous long very straight white/blonde hair (natural).. she looked simply
I soon forgot the book.. ; )

Five minutes passed, and her two friends got up to walk into the pub..
presumably to get drinks, (and possibly the loo as its seems to always be pairs) : 0
My heart raced, should i approach her? What would i say? jeez... how would a goooorgeous girl like that react to me? Why would she want to know me?

Then this lad from another table who was sat with 3 mates, got up to approach her..
Damm.. i watched, and without realising i was lipreading him .. ; )

"Hey darling, fancy a drink with me?" he brazenly asked, while trying to look as
cool as he could...
"No thanks" came the swift curt reply..with a slight curl of her lip she turned her face away from him..he looked a little perplexed, thinking the outer package
(his looks etc) were enough to win her, only seeing the end goal of his actions in his mind, (to pull?) he turned and walked back to his table...
to the giggles of his mates.

Her friends came returned with a fresh round of drinks, and i caught
"Here ya go Louise"... at least i know her name now.. ; )
The guys all talking about them, and the girls ignoring that they are there.

I put the book back into my bag, leant back agianst the bench soaking the warm sun
on my face, often glancing around me, my eyes scanning the square, and being
drawn to this beautiful girl.

My mind battled with me.. do i go up and talk to them? what do i say?

I glanced up to see this (in my eyes an average) man with a mapbook in his hand
walking towards the table from the far side, as he passed through the square,
he approached calmy and politely, with a slightly lost look in his face, and he asked
"Excuse me, i wondered if you could kindly help me, as i am lost"..looking at Louise as he spoke, and briefly glancing at the others, when he seemed in my eyes in awe of her beauty, though he hid it well... (better than i would.)

"Of course if we can" came Lousies reply, and offered him to sit down, he sat next to her, opposite her friends.
"So where are you looking for" Louise asked..
"The nothe gardens" he replied
"So i can take in the view of Portland and a picture for my dad who was in the navy here"
"Ah its round the corner and we will show you in a minute" Louise offered,
"Great thank you very much, well let me buy you all i drink first then" he said,
"My names Dave by the way".. they each in turn told him their names too, i couldnt
lipread Louises freinds, as they had their backs to me. : )

Dave got up to go in the pub to get the drinks, and i noted Louise started to talk
to her friends about him, saying that she thought he was "cute".
When he came back out with drinks the other guy didnt look pleased !
And it looked as though Dave and Louise got on well, subltely flirting with each other.
There was a seemingly friendly banter between them.
He seemed to let her do most of the talking, and often making her laugh with
his replies.

I was jealous.. ; )
Wish i had approached them now..

After ten more mins, they all got up and walked off in the direction of the Nothe gardens... walking in two lines of two.

The other guy was getting louder, and seemed his pride was severely bashed.
They then walked off after finishing their drinks.

I realised i had just witnessed a great marketing lesson, and i was aware that i may
have been the only one on the square who learnt the lesson, but it was not just
one lesson, alot of things started to click into place in my mind.

I realised marketing is related to more areas of our lives than we think,
and often we are just not aware of these links in our lives.
How often do we do things and look at it from a marketers perspective?

How would things improve in areas of your life if you DID look at things with a marketers perspective?
Il say it would make a difference.

Il presume that all my readers have at one point made love.. no i am not going to say
sex sells... we know that, but sex is not lovemaking. ; )

I am saying that making love and marketing can be related, and that anyone who
has made love knows more about marketing than they think.
And anyone who has made love has experienced passion, a key to successful
marketing itself.

While sitting in the square after they left, my mind cast back to all i had read in
two great ebooks, and if i had not read these ebooks, i would not have learnt that
valuable lesson so visibly.

What i had read had put me in the frame of mind to "see" the lesson i learnt.
Without at first being aware of it. : )

Boy am i glad i got those books. ; )

There are so many "marketing" books etc, and it can be a chore to look at these books, all written in a simialr way but this is a very refreshingly different
written approach, that i have to say i very highly recommend these books, there among my personal favourites.

Ones i often keep refering to, they have made a differnce to me and my learning
curve, and have given me a fresh understandable set of guidelines to follow.
I would not recommend something to you that i have never read and that hasnt
helped my learning curve.
After all i am learning. ; ) And if i can help you shorten your curve..great.

So what of these books.. i have read many books online, and i love reading.
but these are different to any of the others i have read...another lesson..
be different. : )

These books inspired me, and i cannot see how they couldnt inspire everyone who
reads them.

A great friend of mine has the resale rights to these ebooks, and he has packaged them together to make a great buy and in my eyes worth every penny and more,
this really will "shorten" that curve and help you see the success you could have
if you knew how, and they show you how in a very entertaining way, please dont just take my word for it, take a look and with a great gaurantee you wont lose any money
if its not as good as i say it is.

Click on the link to see for yourself..

Motivation and Marketing Lovemaking

Take a look and I sincerely hope you find them as inspiring and entertaining and thought provoking as i found them, and that they help you as much as they helped

Read learn and apply, and you cant go wrong.

I hope that this will have helped you all in some way.

Take care, and happy lovemaking. ; )

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Where do you learn.....

Or where do you go for any answers?

A great place to learn and ask questions, seek feedback is on forums.

Forums are a great place to ask for advice and help, the people that use
the forums are very genuine and honest in my mind, and its rare that you
wont find answers that you seek.

If the answers are not readily available, often people will go out of their way
to help you find the answers you seek.

A great community to be a part of on your learning curve.
A great place to meet like minded people.

Often as we talk to freinds and family obout our online pursuits we get a puzzled
look from them, as if from another world. : )
Or as if talking in a foreign language!

And no doubt many of those who frequent the forums experience the same..
So its great to mix with those who DO understand.

I must stress that as with many things there are rules, which must be respected.
Never spam the boards, or insult anyone who post to the boards.
Never post fly by articles.

They are all their to help us and guide us, but they do so of their own accord.
Stick to the simple but respectable rules, and we all learn and gain friends.
If we all show respect to the forums and the people who post, we all win.

Dont be afraid of asking for help and advice, as they are more than happy to help
and advise.
And often there are many people who would like the same answers as you ask for
so post away, and you help others too.

We cannot all know everything, but we can all learn.

There are some great knowledgable people to learn from, and more than likely
we can all learn from YOU.

My favourite forum is this one......

Click Here

Come and learn with us. : )

There is a great wealth of knowledge here, and it has played a big role in helping
me with my learning curve.

It is not the only forum of worth, but i like it best, and i find that help comes
with honesty and the people are very sincere in their quest to help.

As it says on the tin.. its the fastest growing marketing forum.

See you there. : )

Take care.

Monday, April 19, 2004

We all start somewhere...the important thing is just...


To start...

I read that alot, and it seems to be the one thing that alot of us have
a problem with.

But the best thing is to just...start.
Once you start it should only inspire the confidence to carry on DOING.

Doing is that what produces results, no matter what the results.
Whatever the result you can improve on that.
John Reese stresses it clearly to test everything.
That way you know what to improve or drop, so as to improve on the
results no matter what they are.

The fact you have STARTED is the biggest improvement you make, if
you dont start you produce...zilch.

So where do you start?

Good question.
One i asked myself many a time, and too many times. : /

I read often that many people start with the end in mind.
So where do you want to go?
What do you want to achieve from your efforts?

Thats the end goal, now look at what it will take to get there.
And plan the path back to where you are.

It may seem hard to comprehend for some of us, but we should
never lose sight of our end goal anyway.. after all thats where you

I like to look at it from the perspective that its like a mountain to
climb, which you take one step at a time.
Look to high up and you lose sight of where you are.
You keep the top in sight, but contain your efforts to the steps
in front of you.

That way you build momentum and the confidence to persevere and
climb that mountain.
Before you know it, you have climbed more than you realise.

A comprimise between the two i feel works best for me.
So have i planned my route?
Yes i have, and i planned before i started.
But getting started seemed to be the hardest thing.

"Time, we do not get back"

That quote is what got me started.

How much time do we really need to get started?

Why waste time trying to start?
Just start.
Then use your time wisely improving and bettering your efforts.

Start on what you feel is easiest.
Just to get started.

Start now.

Copyright Rob Sellen 2004-2006. All rights reserved.