Friday, September 15, 2006

A powerful way to boost your response..and sales!

Need to boost your response rate? Need to boost your sales?

There are many ways to go about improving both, testing
and tracking things will show you alot about what you do right
and what doesn't work.

Often it is the little changes that will make the biggest differences
an example maybe your headlines, one of the most important
parts of your whole website.

It is important to test to see what "grabs" your readers.

But there are other non obvious ways to boost things further..

But first let me ask you..

Do you use the firefox browser?

If so you have most likely already seen the power of this concept,
maybe you didn't even realise it.

What is this concept?

First I know this works as it has worked for me.
Older readers of this blog will also remember me doing it.

So what am I talking about?

Giving your marketing a "cause".... how does this help you?
How does it work?

If you use firefox, the cause was to "take back the web".
It was aimed at those who disliked the I.E browser.

Did it work? You bet it did..
How many use firefox now? Millions.. Including myself.. ;)

Whats YOUR cause?

Want to explode you response? Find your cause .. and..

Overdeliver with your offers.

Marketing with a genuine cause will make your offers more
attractive to those who take up your offer.
Having an offer purely to generate cash for cashes sake is
why people have a healthy dose of skeptism.

Can you blame them?

A friend has an offer that you will love, she also has a powerful
cause behind the offer.. and she OVERDELIVERS.

I mean way overdelivers!!
If you want to grab an offer that will help you massively on
your online business i suggest you at least check it out.

But wait.. Not only do you get a great offer here, you have
a great chance to get started earning if you act now.. why?
This offer is not up for long, so you NEED to act fast to take
advantage of the offer.. but also I want you to take a look
at what Diane does and how..

Oh you didn't think it was some big shot guru did
you? Diane is a mother of two, working to create a better
future for her family, and you can help her... she is not some
hot shot looking to drain you of your cash while giving you crap!

Though you should remember the name.. I am sure it will
become better known.. ;o)

Take a look at the offer here and take a look at the lesson of
Help Dianes cause... and help yourself to a great offer well worth
your time.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Dr Mani....

An update on the funds raised so far this year....

Over $26,000 for those deserving kids.

An amazing achievement.

I only have ONE problem with it all..
I just hope I don't get flamed for this!!!

Considering how many multi millionaires there
are in the IM niche I am suprised at the fact the
goal has yet to be reached.

Don't get me wrong I am not going to "bash" anyone
here but I will say...

Why has that goal not been yet reached?

I mean the amount of emails I get saying things

"Heres how I made £10,000 a month!"
"I make £50,000 a month from this"
"I made a million last year!"

Ya da da.. whatever.. Its BRAGGING!

Now heres the thing that bothers me..

Why didn't they give the good doc Mani a sizeable
chunk of that?

I mean if I was a multi millionaire, I would have certainly
donated at least a huge chunk of what was needed.
In fact I would have probably donated at least half..
right at the start too.


Well if I could afford it.. why not..?
If half had been given at the start, think how much would
be raised by the end!!

I have to say what has been raised is a fantastic thing don't get
me wrong there, but in the big scheme of things it is peanuts what
Dr Mani wants to raise compared to what is avialable!

As I say I don't single anyone out, just the general gist being
that there are some real rich people in this game, we know that,
as they brag of it often enough. ;o)

They buy their porches, nice big houses etc.. and yet they donate
a very small portion of what they have in comparision to those
that have little yet gave a good % of what they have.

It all helps, and what has been raised is great.

I just can't help feeling that for some people in this game,they
are making more in a month or two than Dr Mani is even asking for!

How can that be right?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

24 hours of blogging...

All for a very very good cause too.

I would hazard a guess many of you have heard of
Dr Mani, the Heart surgeon who is also an internet
marketer.. as well as being a top bloke!

Dr Mani is going through a 24 period of non-stop
blogging in order to raise awareness and funds to
enable children to have much needed surgery.
These children would not have this chance were
it not for Dr Mani and.........

YOU.. the readers and donators to the cause.

Also is the assurance that Dr Mani KNOWS this money
will make a huge difference because he one of the surgeons
that change's these childrens lives.

I'll bet theres not a single penny (or rupee) wasted from
this deserving cause.

It is very important to realise that even a very small
donation of $5 or even £5 is going to go a LONG way
when you convert that value to Indian currency.

NO donation is to small.

Dr Mani is towards the last few hours, a good push for those
hours would be fantastic!

Help Spread Congenital  Heart Defects Awareness

Take a look at the great tips on the blog. The theme this year

is time management... go share a little time with the Dr.. :o)


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